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Updated sithfig
Published 8 months ago
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I decided that it was time to update my sith figure, so this was what i came up with. It took me a while to make, because of all of the extra armour it has. I also forgot to save it the first time, so i had to start over.

For the helmet, i used the standard jedi/sith hood, a plain black mando helmet, a black rebel pilot helmet, and a pair of macro binoculars. It was hrad to get the positioning right, because the mando stuck out of the top. so it is now slightly lower than the hood.

For the body armour, and gear, i used a heavy first-order-stormtrooper torso coloured black. I used two black utility belts, one angled slightly, combined with a satchel to make some straps. A ninjago epaulet piece, and some 1x1 round tiles to make the armour pads.

For the lower parts, i used Maul's legs. I then used two Capes for the Kama.

The saber is made using a black sonic-screwdriver, and a Monkie-kid hilt piece (i am not sure what their real name is)

Thanks to Gav_geisttron for some of the ideas, and please, PLEASE hit that like - i am desparate...

See you around...


ps. i may do a render in the future, so stay tuned

pps, check out the custom print on the head...
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