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Published 11 months ago
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September 11, 2001. I wasn’t alive that year, but that doesn’t make this day less meaningful. Today is the 20th anniversary of the day when radical Muslim terrorist highjacked planes and crashed them into the World Trade Center, killing 2,996 people. It was because of this that America started a war against terrorism. We freed places under oppression, and saved lives. I have great respect for the many heroes who rushed into the buildings as they burned, for those who searched through the rubble, and for those who went off to war. We’ve fought against these terrorists for about 20 years now, some in war, and others more minor skirmishes. All the same, blood has been spilt, both of the good and the bad. I want to put my attention on a specific area for a moment, I want to focus on the country of Afghanistan. We’ve helped this country live in freedom for years, fighting against the relentless Taliban who threatened to takeover the land if we ever back down, and we have. Was the threat real? Absolutely. Well, why did we back down? My response is that we didn’t just back down, but we gave the Taliban a gift, a gift of land, supplies, names, and more. People of the world, America is in trouble. We have in our office, a nursery home patient. I know some of y’all are going to kill me for this, but former vice president Joe Biden Jr is an absolute wreck! He is the worst president America has ever seen, and hopefully ever will. The guy is a dementia patient, and if you don’t believe me go do your research, watch his speeches (the unedited ones), listen to his blabbering, stuttering, pointless nonsense and lies. He is nothing but a pawn for a sick and disgusting administration. This guy wipes drool off his chin with his bare hand, and walks out to tell reporters that his butt has been wiped. The man pulls our troops from Afghanistan, just pulls them out and says everything will go smoothly. What happens? What happens people?!? The Taliban take over, being oppressive and killing people right and left. Because of him, what was it, 12 marines were killed? Oh, and how does he honor them? Well, when the mother of one comes up to the him in tears, he starts talking about how his son died of cancer. The grieving lady tries to explain that he is the reason her son is dead, and he literally turns his back and waves his arm as if to say “get lost”. Oh, and I guess I won’t talk about how he shamefully checked his watch during the procession? Some respect to the dead huh? Dead men who gave their lives for the people you allowed to come under oppression Mr. Biden. ”Come’m Man, ‘use your faculties’”… oh, wait, I forgot, his facilities aren’t working. He has dementia for crying out loud. Should we talk about the border? Or how the economy has CRASHED! Oh please, this is insane! If peoples’ eyes would only be opened, opened to see the bigger picture at work. The democratic party is trying to steal the freedom of America, and is purposefully causing havoc and chaos so that they can fix everything. They will create these things, and insist that they are the only ones who can handle the situation. In reality, all they are doing is stealing your freedom, gaining both money and power. There are so many examples I could give, but I won’t for this post. Listen people, this man is a loser. His administration isn’t failing, they are succeeding, succeeding in their plan to gain control. I’m literally shaking my head in sorrow and disgust. How would all these police officers, firefighters, and soldiers who have been killed over the past 20 years of war and strife if they knew that everything they had worked for was not only thrown aside, but done so without honor. People are being hung from American helicopters, people are being shot for even having a Bible app on their phone, and yet we raise our fists and shout Black Lives Matter as the days pass. Can you not see this guys? Black people in America have smart phones, tv’s, cars, jobs, freedom. If they were truly oppressed, it would be obvious. However, when practically every major organization is flying flags proclaiming that black people matter (and they do, just like EVERYONE), then I don’t think there is much of a problem here. However, when babies are being thrown up and pulled over barbed wire fences by marines, when women are being shot for refusing to wear a Burka, and when Americans are abandoned by their president in a terrorist occupied country… yeah… I think there is a real problem there.
So what, what do we do about it? Before anything else, we need to repent. Well, what is that? Repentance is simply to turn away from something, and in this case, sin. Sin has plagued our country, with many calling good evil and evil good, just as the Bible predicts. This country was founded upon the Bible, not just religion, it was founded upon the God of the Bible, Jesus Christ. As long as this country lives as []iOne Nation Under God[/i] it will thrive, but if it turns away, it will fall. Well, we’ve turned away, and we’ve fallen. Maybe we haven’t hit the bottom yet, but we are falling. We must repent, turn from our sin, and cry out to God, pleading him to save the people of this nation. We must pray, share the gospel, and stop living for ourselves and our own pleasure. If we would repent, turn from our sin and believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins, rising again on the third day, things would change. It is just as important to have a God fearing people as it is to have God feeing leaders, if not more important. Very few Christians actually live out their faith, and instead would rather sit back and watch fake super heroes fly across a forty inch screen. Please people, put these things aside at least until you’ve begun to show your faith. The Bible says that men will hate you because of your faith, so maybe live in a way that really makes the world hate you. If every Christian did that we’d either see persecution, or revival. I hope for the latter, but either would be better than this mildly warm state of slow demise. Rise up people, not just Americans, but people all around the globe. Show your faith, land ove others with true Biblical love. Also, if God does bring revival, expect it in ways that you would never expect. I doubt the Christians in the days of the apostles would have invasion Saul, later to become Paul, as a likely candidate to bring revival, but he was. So then pray for those who both seem likely and unlikely. I pray for both the lukewarm Christian of America as well as the blood thirsty Taliban. If anyone, anywhere, comes to know Christ, then Hallelujah.

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God.” — Colossians 3:16

“if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” — 2 Chronicles 7:14

Also, as a side note, please understand two things. I mentioned that the Taliban are radicle Muslim terrorists, but please know that not all Muslims are this way. There are many many very kind and loving Muslim people who I would respect, even if I don't agree with their religion.
Also, I brought up BLM. Know that I don't have anything against black people. I love all people no matter what they look like, and don't believe that any ethnicity is superior or inferior to the other. However I find the BLM movement disturbing because it's only causing strife and division, and isn't at all necessary. That's another topic for another time however.

Anyways, that's it.

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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11 months ago
Man, I wonder if there's somewhere else where you could post this.
So more people could see it...

Great job on writing this, people need to hear the truth.
11 months ago
i was wondering when you would make this, first off, great model. and although I'm young so I don't know much about Biden, I know that he is a problem, a complete wreck.
11 months ago
Well said, and despite typos, I think it's worth reading.

I hope we can stay civil in the comments here though
11 months ago
@Pyro, I have concerns as well. Greenie u right. I hope you don't leave due to this model

@KoA, me too
11 months ago
Dang. Time passes.

About politics: Biden and Trump (and their administrations) can go swim in the dumpster for all I care. (
) All I can really say is that with such a polarized spectrum of two parties with very different approaches, America is struggling quite badly.

About Afghanistan: As one fellow Redditot summed up: "Democracy and freedom are extremely difficult to import." Nevertheless, the withdrawal was a mess. Some couldn't even withdraw. Imagine being trapped in a country ruled by a government with extremist policies...

About BLM: Probably fueled by the (very true) notion that racism still exists inside the USA.
11 months ago
@SnapStudio I'm hoping to get. MiWe account (not sure if that is how you say it
) soon, so maybe then... or something similar. Anyways, thanks so much though!

@KoA Thanks man! Biden is a wreck, and an utter embarrassment to our country. We have become the laughing stock of the world... *shakes head*.

@Pyro Yes
, typos... ugh... this was kinda rushed, so I'm not surprised you found some... plus... well... it's something I wrote so
!!! Thanks bro
Not likely, but we will see O_O

@Fireblade O_O No, I'm not going to leave... but I might get kicked off if someone really gets upset by it, and reports me or something.

@Cake Yes... it does.
Anyways, I agree with half of your first point. I personally respect the Trump administration, however he isn't the focus here, because he's not dishonoring the 20 years of fighting and what not, Biden is. Biden is such a terrible president that anyone who disagrees has to either be stubborn, crazy, or ignorant. Saying that might upset some people, but it's true. A lot of his voters are probably rolling over in their graves.
As far as Afghanistan, I completely agree. If we had to leave, which we didn't, couldn't we have at least taken our millions of dollars worth of military equipment with us? Or was it necessary to leave it for them to hang people from
And as far as BLM. I would say a lot of their followers are fueled by a hatred of racism, but not the organization itself. It is corrupt from the roots, and (though I believe they have taken this off of their web page) they are self proclaimed Marxist. Anyone who is familiar with Marxism knows that it was founded by Karl Marx, who was the founder of communism. Marx came to America and started spreading what is called Critical theory, in order to destroy America from the inside out. From this branched Critical Race Theory, something that many school teachers and BLM activist are using today. BLM has also stated that they want to destroy the nuclear family, and they promote violence. Much of what they say is racist, isn't actually racist, and they are doing exactly what Marx would have liked, destroying America from within. Ironically, though they will cancel people for things that aren't even racist, and deface statues of black abolitionist like Fredrick Douglas, they still call themselves Marxist, even though Marx was hands down a racist! Such inconsistency, and really just people lusting for power. Racism in America is a problem, but personally I believe there are much bigger problems. I have lived 18 years in the great state of Texas, and never seen any racism in my life, at least first hand. It exist, but isn't as big of a deal as people are making it out to be.

*wipes brow*

few... that's a lot... I should consider writing a story or something O_o...
11 months ago
sssssooooooo much writing !!!
11 months ago
Nicely said. The Taliban are almost worse than ever…
11 months ago
@Greenie, I unfortunately can't get a mewe account, I'm not 16 yet : 1
11 months ago
@Adamos Yes O_O... I like to write... though, I sometimes write so much I don't have time to properly check for errors... and sometimes I just don't feel like properly checking

@Tails Thanks!

@Wiz Thanks...

Well, I still haven't made one yet, it's sorta on my to do list... but I have other things going right now.
11 months ago
Couldn't agree more, Greeny. Even though I live in Australia it makes me deeply sad to see how things are sliding. America was one of the greatest countries, to me. Kinda makes me wonder how soon Australia will follow, because we will, I've not any doubt about that.
Still, in the words of Andrew Peterson "This is the dark before the dawn." Things will get a lot worse before they get better. They have to, it's in Revelation.
I makes me long for the time when we'll see the sower in the silver mist, calling us home.
11 months ago
@Dragon_Rider06 So I read your comment, but had to go work outside, and was really hoping The Dark Before the Dawn would play on my Spotify playlist, well, it did when I had finished working
, so I was like rats! Oh wait, I can listen to it while I respond to Dragon... very fitting
Anyways, thank you! Personally, I feel like Australia is worse off than America O_O... no offense... Anyways, I've often thought about that song while thinking about how the world is going. I don't know if this is the end of the end, or if it's just another down in history, but I do know we are to live out lives as if we were going to see the end, and strive to have done what is right. In the end, whether Christ comes or we die, we will hear "Well done my good and faithful servant," which really isn't because we did our best, or finished well, but because Christ finished His work well and is now interceding for us. Our righteousness is as filthy rags, and it is only through Christ that we can be clothed in light. Praise God!
11 months ago
I commented on your previous post like this and KOE's simmilarly political build. just like before I have no intentions to change your mind about anything because I understand that that is unrealistic and unfair. rather I would like the correct any mistakes you have made or add back in any context you may have missed, this isnt to attack you. I aim to make your argument stronger since the strongest arguments are those from people who understand what their interlocutors belive and can argue it from there.

1) " I want to focus on the country of Afghanistan" everything before this point I completely agree with and I am pointing this out because I understand that some people on your side of the fence believe that people on the left wing don't agree on this while most of us actually do

2) "He is the worst president America has ever seen," he is a pretty bad president, I agree...and once again, so do most Left wing people. I am not an America so I didn't vote but I know people who did and they voted for Biden specifically because they didn't want trump in office and not because they wanted Biden and since then I have seen those same people very open and willing to criticise what Biden does wrong. It is possible to support a candidate and still criticise what they do.

2.5) is he the worst president? Nixon is the closest anyone ever came to nuclear war so i would say that the president that nearly ended the world is probably worse, and whatever i say trump has done wrong I think its safe to assume wont be taken into account but I will leave it at that, People on the left do have a list of things we believe he has done wrong

3) "The guy is a dementia patient" this isnt confirmed, I looked it up though as you said and it seems very likely but it is yet to be confirmed so claiming it is is dishonest

4)"The man pulls our troops from Afghanistan" he did do that yeah but it wasn't his plan, DJT was putting the plan to leave Afghanistan in place and left it on the desk for Biden and Biden just followed DJT's plan

5)"12 marines were killed? " earlier in this message I said that people on the left actually do criticise Biden for some of the things he does wrong and his treatment towards those marines is absolutely one of those things where the left actually agrees with you that that was something he shouldn't have done "checked his watch during the procession" the left are just as disgusted about this as the right is and some of the posts about it that you find on right wing subreddits or facebook pages were actually made by left wingers and right wingers

6) "He has dementia for crying out loud" (3) not confirmed but likely

7) "Or how the economy has CRASHED!" the economy has crashed because of Covid and as much as I would like the explain how trump had a hand in the poor treatment of Covid ill hold my tongue since I'm not trying to argue here, just offering missed information so you can better understand what people on my side actually think

"The democratic party is trying to steal the freedom of America" there is a lot to unpack here and I cant discuss this point without an argument so this is just a reminder that I disagree with this point but I cannot say anything further than that because you've not actually explained hoe the democratic party is doing this. I know that there are explanations like gun control, masks, religious freedom etc but since you've not mentioned any of these things I cant discuss them without straw manning your opinions

9)"gaining both money and power" that is the anthesis of Capitalism, an institution that the left wing has been overly critical of. "so many examples I could give" I want to give a fair chance to people i disagree with so I can understand why people belive what they belive so if you have these examples please feel free to DM them to me, I will read them

10) "plan to gain control" if gaining control was the plan then yeah. he's the leader of one of the world superpowers so yes, if it was a plan to gain control it has worked and I wont be disagreeing with this point

11)"People are being hung from American helicopters" you're talking about the Taliban using American tools right? they're hanging the people that the right already disagree with, LGBT people, Liberal reporters and feminists

12) "people are being shot for even having a Bible app on their phone" this is just not happening in the USA at all, if you're still talking about Afghanistan though I don't know if this is true or not and will look into it but the fact that I'm not sure if you're still talking about Afghanistan or America is a problem as it can seem misleading and I'm sure you're not trying to be misleading

13) "Black Lives Matter as the days pass" so you're comparing this to the previous point which implies that you did think that Christians being shot was an American thing. that is a problem because Black lives matter on its own isn't a problem, the movement has done some violent things and that is a discussion that could be had but you've not mentioned any of that, you've just compared the movement in general to Christian persecution that just isn't happening

14) "If they were truly oppressed, it would be obvious" there are ways that oppression is sometimes not obvious, for example your point about people being shot for having the bible app on their phones. I cant find any evidence of this actually happening but if it is happening it would be a good example of oppression not being obvious. but also there are more subtle oppressive systems towards black people such as redlining, Profiling and just regular Racist attitudes and comments that arent systematic so are easier to slide under the rug

15) "Americans are abandoned by their president in a terrorist occupied country… yeah… I think there is a real problem there." once again, most left wing people agree with you on this

16) "This country was founded upon the Bible, not just religion" it wasnt, the country was founded on the magna carta and the founding fathers were sure to keep a seperation of the church and the state and the phrase "one nation under god" wasn't in the original pledge of allegiance, it was added in 1954

17) "We must pray" there was a worldwide prayer on the 12th of august to end atheism and it didn't work, there is another one on the 20th of September. I again, could argue this point but as an ex Christian and with many Christian friends still arguing against prayer is something I refuse to do since I know how important prayer is and I refuse to destroy that for someone

18) "hate you because of your faith" this is a point where you misunderstand what your interlocutors are actually saying, people dislike religious people because of what they do and how they treat people, not because of their faith. I don't hate religious people because I used to be religious and I understand what it is like to be a part of the faith, I do dislike the religious people who dislike me and I think that is fair

19)"God feeing leaders" Biden is a catholic, I know some people on the right think that Catholics aren't actual Christians but since you haven't said that its unfair to assume you think the same but its probably worth mentioning it anyway

20) "Saul, later to become Paul, as a likely candidate to bring revival," if god could make a corrupt individual such as Saul into his chosen prophet is it possible that he could be doing the same as Biden? (I don't believe this in the slightest but its a question worth thinking about)

after all of this I would like to again clarify that I am not trying to start an argument. you have said a lot of things here, some of which are wrong, some of which are right but misunderstood and some that are right and you assume I would disagree when I don't. I don't hate you and I don't hate Christians and there are absolutely countries where Christians face persecution such as Russia and north Korea, both of which I have donated money to despite not being a Christian. but America is not a country where Christians face persecution. Rather Christians are the ones persecuting others. the pulse nightclub shooting is an event that the NIFB church celebrate the anniversary of each year. the NIFB doesn't in any way represent all Christians but it absolutely an example of Christians persecuting others and not the other way around.

If I have said anything wrong there I will of course be willing to listen to a correction

-sincerely Amy
11 months ago
@Amy Well this Is a lot to respond to
, and my response make take a while... seeing as how I not only have college work to do, but other projects as well. By reading your comment I think I may have picked up some errors, but mostly just in presentation. Again, this was rushed, and so I may have not have presented some things as clearly as I should have. Anyways, It's time for me to began writing my response
... which could take a while... again, I'm busy
. I sometimes wonder why I get myself caught up in large political debates, because it takes up a lot of time
But thanks for commenting!
11 months ago
I feel your pain greenie
i did the same thing last time with KOE's Post, I said what i could and just left it alone and ill probably do the same here too, I've said what I wanted to say and belabouring the point doesn't help anyone.

I still respect you greenie even if I don't agree with you but after your response I probably wont respond to avoid this thread becoming the same as the KOE thread. If you would like me to respond to anything you say though I will do that so feel free to ask
11 months ago
Greenie - (Also, I’m not sure if you noticed this, but a few hands on both of the Taliban soldiers are a shade darker than the rest of their skin. Was that intentional?
11 months ago
Oh no I’m not brave enough for politics
11 months ago
So first off, thanks for commenting. Though I disagree with you on some major things, I do appreciate people who can carry an argument and not get mad and hateful, which is rare. Anyways, now to your points… oh, and they may not appear all in order… hopefully it’s understandable

Though I didn’t state that they did, I never said all left wings didn’t agree. I know there are a lot that do.
This can be looked at in two ways. Yes, Nixon did have some major issues, and may have done more bad things in office, but in general when we look at them as people I would rather have a sane man in office than someone who can’t think straight. I guess the point I was trying to make here is that, on top of all the bad things Biden has done, he is just a miserable character. I honestly feel bad for the guy, because it’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t completely know what he’s doing, and is just a pawn for his administration. They’ve cut him while live because he starts going off script, he’s admitted openly that he’s been given a list of people he can talk to, his security has had to direct him where to go (like when he decides not to use the sidewalk but to walk around the shrubbery), he wipes what looks like drool off his chin with his bear hand, and many more crazy things I could mention. Perhaps I could also answer the dementia question here, because it kinda ties in with this. Yes, I don’t believe it’s been confirmed that Biden has dementia, but dementia is a group of systems that effect one’s ability to think, remember, socialize. Obviously, there are many examples of Joe Biden struggling with these things, and they are not hard to find. The former White House Physician for both Obama and Trump has said that Joe Biden needs to take a cognitive test. With all these symptoms, and many more as I’ve stated, I think it’s safe to say he has dementia, though It should be stated that this isn’t confirmed (something I probably should have done), if that makes sense. It’s like if I told you that I have a headache, shortness of breath, and can’t smell or taste, but haven’t taken a COVID test. What would you say? Well I don’t know who wouldn’t say that I have COVID19. This hasn’t been confirmed, but there is strong enough evidence to say that I do have it. With Biden there is unarguably strong evidence that he is struggling mentally, and probably because of dementia. Overall I think my point here is that Joe Biden is the worst president in a sense, maybe not in what he’s done so far (maybe), but just in himself. I don’t think America has ever seen such a lousy, weak minded, feeble acting man for a president in all our history. Also, as far as Trump goes, this may be an instance where I can be critical of someone I respect and would vote for, like you said it’s possible to do. I personally respect Trump in a lot of ways, and fully believe there is a misrepresentation of him, but I can also say there are some things I don’t like. I think that can be stated for any president however.
About pulling the troops. Trump made an agreement to pull the troops, but it was conditions based, and was to be done by May. The Taliban broke the conditions though, so despite what Biden says it wasn’t effective anymore. Plus, it wasn’t like Biden was rushing to get people out, because he waited like two months past the “deadline” before doing anything.
As far as Trump being involved in the economy crash, yes, I think most people during the whole COVID thing acted pretty poorly. However, Biden’s inflation issues have had a noticeable effect on top of all the previous crash.
As far as the democratic party trying to steal freedom, this can get more complicated. You did name some points, such as gun control, masks, religious freedom, etc etc… but there is more into it than that. This point actually almost deserves its own thread, because It is very broad. Over the years men have been saying things about people trying to take away America’s freedoms, and getting called conspiracists for it. However a ton of what has been produced has become true, and that’s one reason I believe it. Some of it is just obvious though, like the COVID vaccine. They (when I say ‘they’ I don’t always mean every single democrat, but majority. I know there are some exceptions.) literally want to mandate everyone to get vaccinated with something that doesn’t work, hans’t been properly tested, and is even proving harmful. I could go into details on this one subject as well, because it is insane how crazy the vaccine situation is, but I won’t. Ultimately though (going back to the main point again), a lot of it can actually be traced back to communism taking influence in America. I know I’ll probably get mocked by some people for saying that, and have, but it’s true. I’ve seen it pointed out in many different subjects, and when you go do the research you will find out it’s true. I would love to point every facet out, but really there is just way too much information to put in here, and I’d have to look a lot of it up again.
Hold on, our internet just died and I have to go reboot the thingy
…. Anyways, back to the point, or points,
. As far as Capitalism goes, gaining money is part of capitalism, and power can be gained in a sense, and that’s the beauty of it. Capitalism allows people to rise from mud pits to business owners, you just have to work hard, and choose a good career path. The power that is gained isn’t a dominant overbearing power that destructs others, at least while morals and law are there, as they should be. My Dad is actually a walking example of why Capitalism works. He grew up in the back woods, poor, and had a father who would make him feel worthless. However, he studied hard in school, worked hard in places like Pizza Hut, Walmart, and camps, got a degree in electrical engineering, and over the past I don’t know how many years has done his job well, doing whatever he was asked to do. Now he is very successful, owns three vehicles (all of which he bought brand new from the lot), about 20 acres of land, a $4,000 canoe, and so much more. This wasn’t because he oppressed anyone or acted unfairly, but because under things like the Free Market and Property Rights he was able to work hard and progress. Some of it meant getting yelled at by a drunk boss, flying to almost every continent for business, and getting up at 4:00-5:00AM in the morning, but the point is he was able to progress. Now, someone might say that people like the ‘drunk boss’ who yelled at my dad are an example of why Capitalism is bad, and people can gain cruel power through it. Yes, it’s true that people could start a business, place some stricter or overbearing rules, and act rudely. However, no one has to work for that person, and that person can at the most fire his employees, he can’t throw them in jail, take away their property, or act as a king punishing his subjects. There are some exceptions, like if the employee was using a car owned by the company, or if the employer sued him, but those can easily be explained and I can do so if you want. I could also explain how socialism is a terrible idea, the direct link between Capitalism and Communism, but this point has already become long enough
. In the end though, there are many, many other stories of people from all kinds of backgrounds who were able to thrive under these conditions. Also, if you want a random statistic, global poverty rates dropped 80% from 1970-2006 because of capitalism.
When talking about Biden gaining control, I think it’s important to remember that the president of the United States isn’t supposed to seek power, but to serve his people. He has the right of ordering political affairs so as to the protect the people, and that’s why the people are the ones who elect him, so that they can choose a person who they believe will order things for their best.
Concerting people getting hung from helicopters. Yes, I was referring to them using American tools. I don’t support the Taliban killing anyone, but I’m outraged that American left them with new ‘toys’ to use in this. We didn’t have to leave them all that, in fact, we didn’t have to leave at all.
As far as owning a Bible and getting shot for it (specifically on a phone), no, I was not talking about the USA. I’m going to need to reread my post, because I think I may not have presented some of my points as clear as I would have liked
. I was kinda rushed, as I said O_O… so sorry If it appeared that way, I don’t want to confused anyone.
My point with BLM is that so many (mainly just big end people) will gladly regard this as a bigger problem than what’s going on in Afghanistan, screaming about the oppression of minorities but trying to push aside true oppression in other places, and in Joe Biden’s case causing it to explode. BLM, the organization, is a problem in itself. You can read my comment to Cakery about it’s roots and what not. I am not against support of black people, because I know there is oppression against them, but I think the majority of people are going about it wrong. Also, as far as their oppression goes, some things people just need to learn to forgive and forget. Yeah, someone might call someone a mean name, but in my opinion it’s only as offensive as you make it out to be. As much as some would like, calling people rude names or saying unkind things can’t be outlawed, and raging back in anger isn’t going to fix anything. I really don’t see that big of an issue here. I know name calling isn’t the only thing, but anything major isn’t that common. Black people have equal rights, and while some may live in poorer conditions, they can still rise out of that. Yeah, they may have to work harder than some, but a lot of that is because of choices their ancestors have made. There are many people of all kinds of ethnicities who have climbed out of the slums and become very successful.
This response is almost 3 pages long now O_O… but as far as the nations founding, I did a bit more study on the matter and I think it can be said better in this way: America was founded upon Christianity, not necessarily as a Christian nation. What I mean by that is that it was founded upon Christian influence and morals, while not limiting itself to Christian people or leaders. The founding father believed that these morals should be upheld, or the country would suffer otherwise. Everyone has the right of conscious and belief, however it should abide by the morals the nation holds too. For example, Muslims are welcome to practice their religion, however if some of those practices included the killing of other people (like we see the Taliban doing), than those practices would not be permitted (please remember I am NOT saying all, or even the majority of, Muslims are this way. I’m just using it as an example here. If some radical form of “Christianity” arose believing this, I could say the same thing.). This topic is also massive, and I really don’t have space to cover all I’d like O_O… so I’ll move on.
As far as the world wide day of preyer thing goes, I’m not surprised it didn’t work. I actually think that praying to end atheism is radical and unbiblical. The Bible says that there will be people who oppose Christianity, so praying for an end of that isn’t realistic. Yes, we can pray for people to come to Christ, atheists or not, but we shouldn’t believe that one particular sin would be wiped off the planet entirely. Preyer is something Christians do, not because we have too, or because it’s the only way to make things work, but because God calls us too. God is all knowing, He knows the needs of everyone, we don’t necessarily need to pray to Him. However, He has commanded it of us, and so we do it. Also, one more point I’d like to make is that the Biblical picture of preyer isn’t a bunch of people gathered together at one time and praying to God (though there is nothing wrong with that), but individuals coming to Him on their own and crying out to Him. That is what God is looking for, hearts that are continually turned to Him. So many Christians put preyer aside like a chore or something, when really it’s part of their life, and shouldn’t be neglected or treated so.
As far as being hated because of my faith, you are right, and wrong. Religious people act in so many different ways, and many people respond to them differently. I hold to what the book of James says about faith without works being dead, meaning that if you can’t see actions in my life that point to my faith, it isn’t faith at all. This means I can’t do or except what is wrong if I really have faith. I don’t have faith because of the works I do, I do the things I do because I have faith. So if my works are hated, well my faith is hated as well. True Christian faith will manifest itself with works. These topics are complicated, and so I’m not sure if my point will be understood, but hopefully I made it clear
As car as Catholics not being true Christians, that depends. Really, you can’t say that about any denomination. Being a Christian isn’t just going to a church and stating that you believe in God, but truly having faith that He came and died for your sins and rose again, followed by repentance (turning from sin). The Bible says that you will know a Christian by their fruit, meaning you will know one by what kind of works he or she produces: good or bad. Yes, we will all slip up, but what does the life consistently look like? Is the person striving to obey God’s commands (found in the Bible), and are they continuing to turn from their sins; or does it look more like some kind of shallow club member, or super strict cultic monk. Yes, some doctrines will be more sound than others, and Catholicism is a pretty bad one when it comes down to it, but there are some genuine God fearing Catholics. Biden is not one.
As to the last point, about God turning evil men to do good, that was my point actually
. Though Biden is horrible, I still pray for him everyday, along with the Taliban and so many others. I don’t want to see anyone do wrong, or go to hell. Even the people that disgust me the most, or get on my nerves like crazy, I still pray for. I hope that Biden will come to truly know Christ.

In the end, well… this is the end
. My rant is finished. I appreciate you taking the time to talk, and sorry the response came so[/o] late. I actually have realized I could have made some of my points more clearly, because I feel like some of them went misunderstood, but oh well. Again, I don’t hate you at all. Though I may strongly disagree with some of what you believe, I still love you as a person and want to treat you like one. [b]All people are special and equal in my mind, that means black, white, disabled, etc etc… though some may play different roles, or have different skills or challenges, no one is better than anyone else. This doesn’t mean I won’t disagree with others, and even be grieved sometimes by the things other people do, but I still want to treat them with love and respect. I hope I don’t come across as rude or angry, because I always want to be kind, even if I am very firm on what I believe. Anyways, there were so many different topics to discuss here, this seems like a bad way of doing things
. Probably would have been better to just focus on 1 thing… plus… I’m not at all the best when it comes to discussing these kinds of things. I find communication hard >_<… Thanks for your time Amy!
11 months ago
@Slim&miz Thank you so much!

@Dat_Boi To be honest, I'm terrified every time I post something
. However, I feel the need to speak up for what I believe, and in the end if it's right it's worth the fear. Though, I don't necessarily blame anyone for avoiding politics

@Amy That comment was supposed to have bullet points... but they didn't show
11 months ago
Ive read through your response once and there are points we could argue on but I don't want to argue with you about any of this, I just wanted to help your argument be stronger, your response here is something that I feel could be a fairer debate topic than if I were to tear down your original points. you've said the same things from your original post but you've made them stronger arguments by adding in the extra detail.

I dont think ill do another proper breakdown of youre response here like I did earlier because I worry it might turn this comment section ugly and weve been very polite to each other so far so I don't want to ruin things but one point I would like to add to is your arguement that just beliving in god and going to church isn't enough to go into heaven and im kind of supprised that that isnt a belief that all Christians have since the church of satan also belive in god and go to church and you definatily dont think theyre going to heaven. but some chrisitians say that just beliving in god and going to church is enough so maybe they do think that satanists are in heaven with them

(also since I brought up that point, it is important to remember that "the church of satan" do believe in the bible and Jesus resurrection but chose to take satans side while "the satanic temple" are mostly atheists who used satanic images because they know it upsets religious people)
11 months ago
I agree 100%! Well said (as always) Greenie!
11 months ago
@AmyOak, I won't assume to speak for Greenie, but the Bible clearly says that the only way to be saved is to confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord [the one true God and lord of your life], and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead.

Nothing else.
Once you are saved, a good indicator is that you want to share your faith, as Christianity is relational.

Just believing in a god and going to a church building on sundays isn't enough to get you to heaven. Not according to the Bible anyway. So whoever you're getting that from is not a Christian
11 months ago
@Amy You know, thanks for ending it here
. I honestly would have dropped out, just because I really don't have time for such a wide debate. Anyways, as far as Christians being saved and what not, it should be no surprise that this isn't the belief of all Christians, because no where in the Bible does it teach this. Though, it's a kinda popular teaching today, and if that's what you are mostly interacting with than yeah, I can understand why it could seem that way to you. Anyways, Pyro nailed it, and my stomach hurts O_o... I ate at Texas Roadhouse for lunch/dinner... and I'm stuffed >_<.
Also, I realized that I didn't respond to you last point about the NIFB and Christians persecuting others. I don't really know anything about the NIFB, nor the shooting incident, but if they are supporting murder then they probably are not genuine Christians. There have been some cases in which Christians have been persecuted in America, but these are rare, and vise versa. Again, it needs to be understood that there is a difference between people who say they follow Christ, and those who really do.

@Blueflame Thanks! Though... I wouldn't say it has been well said, because I find it hard to say things (even true things) well

11 months ago
I just wanna say how gratful i amthat in this community we can have completely different opinions but still have a pretty good duscussion thatremains polite. How often do you see that on the internet? So thank you so much greenie for a good civil discussion
11 months ago
Greenie: Its better than anything I could ever write
11 months ago
@Amy I appreciate that as well. Sometimes I wonder how heated things actually are though
... sometimes it can be hard to see the actual tone of the other person via digital discussion

@Blueflame Well, thanks
. Though, I'm not 100% certain that's true
10 months ago
well said greenflame. I totally agree. Our country has faced terrible trials before, but I'm not sure any were as bad as right now(except maybe the Civil War). We have to remember though that God is completely in control of the situation and his plan will be seen through in the end. Still though, thank you for sharing! This is a powerful message, and I hope this might open the eyes of some people.

10 months ago
@Icebear Thanks for the kind words
, and you're right, God is in control. The responsibility of the Christian is to obey his Word, no matter the results.
9 months ago
Their are 3 people n my city that died from it and we have a BIG memorial for them.
9 months ago
Sad, and honorable at the same time.
9 months ago
did you use a female minifig for the bearded mini fig?
9 months ago
@Gav *double checks* Nope!
... does look like it though, ngl... at least, until you remove the beard
9 months ago
@Gav You're welcome... I know it was extremely important to find out, probably changed the entire course of your life
1 month ago
Could I say something?
Ok, so....
Do not get me wrong here.
9/11 was a disastrous terrorrist attack that I find no words for.
But I think that the USA in particular not only has (and had) some very questionable politicians, but also...
I'd like to remind you that blood is blood. People are people. And dead people are dead. They died. But for what? For tgeir belief
1 month ago
... sorry, I seem to have touched the "post comment button" way too early.
What I want to say is that any life that is taken due to a person's believe is one life too much.
Whether it's American lives, or the lives of people in Afghanistan, or any other.
War is (sorry to say it out loudly) HELL.

And every single life lost in a war had memories, memories of joy, of sadness, and its own hopes and dreams that are forgotten with the press of a trigger.
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