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Winners of the Microbuild Contest!
Published 2 months ago
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Once again, all the entries were awesome! This is the first contest I've ever run, so I was really happy with the results. Also, just a note, this came down to my personal opinion, any of these four entries could have eaisly be aranged differently. Even some that aren't on here could have placed. None of the judgin was meant to offend anyone. Everyone did an amazing job, and thank you. Now, the part you've all wanted to see:

Honorable Mention:
Ancient Temple- Mini MOC for Contest, by Person_Man089.

Wow! What a stunning model this is! One thing I noticed was the shape of the base, you decided to make it have a lot of depth. Where normally, one would build in a landscape format, I love how this model takes on a nice path through the forest. Once again, amazing job Person_Man089


SkyForm - MicroMOC, by Operator011

Again and again, I was dazzled by the magnificent manipulation of pieces. While it seems simple on the outside, just three buildings, I looked and it was insanely well thought out. Finally, once again great job to Operator011.


micro scale Faydwell, by AmyOak.

Wow, just wow! This was an amazing rendering of Faydwell. From the domes to the two statues guarding the great capitol, this build is teaming with character and detail. Yet again, great job AmyOak.


And finally, 1st:
Farm in a milk carton, by Electroweak05
Every time I looked at this model it put a smile on my face. Every time I looked at this model I saw a new detail I had missed before. Every time I looked this model I saw it bursting with creativity. Right before the judging, I was checking the models, making sure they were physically possible in the real world. I went into EDITOR, and split open the model. Inside I found a banana. A random floating banana. In the parts area I saw a folder titled "it's a banana". This put me over the top, I just was immediately like, "Yeah this model is going to win". Some of you guys might be mad. You might say "this doesn't count as a Microbuild, its not a building or anything". Its not stereotypical. That's what makes it so good. For me the creativity and oddness of this model made it win. Congratulations Electorweak05! CONGRATULATIONS!


Once again, for a final time, thank you to everyone who entered.
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2 months ago
Yay, I’m an honorable mention!

Great job, everyone!
2 months ago
Thanks for hosting this contest! I really enjoyed participating, and this contest came at the best time possible. Congrats to the winner(s)!
2 months ago
Thank you so much for a wonderful event
2 months ago
I glad everyone had a good time.
I'm planning on doing a Sig-Fig contest, but not for a while.
2 months ago
Heck yeah. Thank you. It was a cool event. I don't usually participate in any

Almost all my models have one banana hidden somewhere inside.
And they're all titled "it's a banana" in the editor.
2 months ago
Congratulations to all of you!
It was a very nice contest
2 months ago
When I first spotted the Farm in a milk carton I was amazed!! So good!!
So well done to the three winners!!

P.S Wait, did you have to build a micro building for this contest, if so the micro race car I did isn't building, it's a race car!!
2 months ago
Congrats to all the winners!!
I didn't have time to finish, but everyone did really awesome!!
Also, the farm in a milk carton confused me but at the same time entertained me.. XD
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