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School for Magical Creatures: Chapter XV
Published 3 months ago
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Part 1:
All the students came together to fight against Jerome. On the other hand, the students of Jerome came as well. The class prepared to fight together, and this time to win.

In front of them stood the students of Jerome's School;
Rowen the human dragon,
John the centaur originated speedster,
Tiara the cat like human,
Lia the shape shifter,
Nicolas and his green guardian
Eric the one-eyed,
and Thor the Goblin of thunder.

Jerome: Aurora, you called back-up?
Aurora: Seem like you did as well...
John: We actually came by ourselves

The other teachers of the school came quickly as well as Jerome summoned hundreds of green glowing ghost which flew around the students.

Oliver: We are out numbered!
Mr. Maack: Do not worry Oliver, I am here to help.
Lila: Uncle Maack!
Jack: We can win this fight.

Oliver and Karmod flew together around Goblin Thor as he tried to strike them down using his lighting, quickly Ivy joined them, tying Goblin Thor with plants.

Red Guardian fought with Green guardian as Nicolas and Charles fought against each-other, quickly after that, Rowen changed into his dragon form and attacked Charles. Which was defended at the last minute by Lila. Lila jumped toward Rowen pushing him back toward Lia which shaped-shifted into a hydra. Grupnog fought against Tiara with Ivy's wolf. Grupnog escaped as the giant monster fell on Tiara.

Meanwhile Elinor fought John as he escaped her attacks. Carystus ran after him as fast as he could to attack him. Then Ivy got hit by one of Goblin Thor's Lighting bolts Oliver catches her as she fell down. Jack defended Oliver as he fought against Rowen. John ran toward them.

John: Ivy!
Oliver: Why do you care?
John: Is she okay?
Oliver: I do not know, no matter anyways, go away.

Jack trapped Goblin Thor is a cage and threw him away, after that he went with Aurora and Mr. Maack to fight Jerome.

Jerome: You cannot win against me, and you know it.
Jack: We will see.

The three of them charged at Jerome as Lila held Rowen down.

Lila: Rowen, I know it's looking like we are the bad guys, I have been in your place, but trust me, we are not.
Rowen: That is not very trust worthy, you know.
Lila: We are going to destroy the stone to stop the fighting.
Rowen, this seems like a fight.
Lila: But you are strong enough to help us end it, and the upcoming fights.

Rowen changed back to his human form. A few meters away Sam and Ferti were fighting Eric. They were two, but Eric was still much bigger. They quickly dodged his attacks as Eric raged at them.

Sam: I have an idea!
Ferti: What?
Sam: Before, Mr. Maack explained me how to stop time.
Ferti: OK, how?
Sam: A strong positive emotion will strengthen the mind which will the ability.
Ferti: That is hard. How we are going to do that?

Sam reached and kissed Ferti, and time literality stopped as Sam and Ferti took Eric and looked him in a vault. Then time returned and they saw Lila flying with Rowen in the sky toward Jerome.

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3 months ago

P.S. Will you be making your Arrowverse chapter too?
3 months ago
Later this week maybe tday or tmrw
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