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Captured 0.4
Published 12 months ago
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To sign up for my story:https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/LyjWrB3k2Jr

Chapter 1: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/1w2rE1GVa8W
Chapter 2: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/0Qa3X7yO2Mo
Chapter 3: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/X8jOp7zLvYJ

Start of chapter 0.4

accept offer of 800 points

"I made it push it backwards with the current, but we don't have a lot of time, we need to get out of here!" Costa yelled.
Without word they all sprinted up the shore.
Bevan shouted, "What's the plan, we can't be that far behind the others, can we?!?"
"Not worth the risk." replied Josh, "we'll have to find our own way back."
"Ahhgh!" screamed Bevan, who seemed to have disappeared into thin air, "HELP ME!"
"Where are you?" shouted Josh, looking around.
"I'm in some kind of hole, over here!" yelled Bevan
It seemed to be coming from near an old tree, Costa and Josh walked over to were the voice was coming from. They peered over the edge, the hole looked quite steep as if it was dug out...
"Hi!" shouted Costa, "You alright? Any injuries?"
"Not really, just a sore ankle." replied Bevan as he tried to stand up.
"I'll go look for some vines or rope or something while you stay here with Bevan ok?"
"Okay." replied Josh.
One hour later
quick catch up on what happened during that one hour
Once Costa found some rope he returned to the same place only to find a troll with a bag with all his friends in, that hole must of been a trap, he follows troll to a cave where there is chains, bones and a large cooking pot, he needed a plan, fast
"Delicious little children for breakfast lunch and dinner..." muttered the troll.
"Eat him not me!" squealed an anonymous person from the cave.
"Alright then." muttered Costa "Let's give Josh teleporting powers... how much would that cost.

{end of 'captured' 0.4}

Just so you know who the characters are based on:

Joshua Michaels- Wizardbuilds1
Jonah [Arose] Cowell- No name
Costa (Munchic) Smith- me
Bevan [Gabriel] Lane- The_An0nym
John Xavier Spark- Fireblade28

I could do with some characters, so please sign up, (can't promise you'll be a 'good guy' though

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12 months ago
Thanks! I meant to publish this for a while but I must have forgotten
10 months ago
Any idea when chapter 5 is coming out?
10 months ago
Makes sense! (My story is taking forevah!
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