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7078-1: King's Battle Chariot
Published 10 months ago
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The King rides into battle aboard his royal chariot!
Evil trolls are attacking, and the knights need help! With banners waving high and his best royal guard by his side, the King charges onto the battlefield in his crossbow-equipped battle chariot. Now that the king is here, those villains don't stand a chance! Includes horse and 4 minifigures: The Good King, knight and 2 trolls Each minifigure comes with medieval accessories, even the horse has a helmet Battle chariot is equipped with cross bow, spears and banners flying high Horse and chariot measure over 9 inches (23cm) in length.

Missing Parts:
59886 - Mini Armour "King" (Used a different armour)
15560 - Royal Crown No. "1100" (Used a plain royal crown)
44493 - Battle Sword Metall. Gold (Used a different sword)
59604 - Steel Helmet, Drum Lacq. (Used a plain steel helmet)
43899 - Corseque (Used halberds)
62403 - Helmet, Warrior, Drum (Used a dark knight helmet)
61821 - Shield 2x4 No. 7 Warrior (Used a battle shield)
61850 - Helmet, Warrior, Drum (Used a dark knight helmet)
48492 - Horse Head Shell (Left off of model)

Missing Prints:
Mini Lower Part No. 126 (Used a different lower part from the Castle theme)
Mini Upper Part No. 1475 (Used a different knight upper part)
Mini Lower Part - 194/26 (Used a plain lower part)
Mini Upper Part NR 1350 (Used a knight upper part)
Mini Lower Part No. 89, 192/199 (Used a plain lower part)
Mini Upper Part No. 1349 (Used the upper part from an orc)
Mini Upper Part No. 1352 (Used the upper part from an orc)
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131 pieces
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