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Christmas Build: Part 2
Published 4 months ago
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Okay, some of y'all will remember me asking a weird question in the DMs a while back... that was how I decided who would win the snowball fight... I wanted an unbiased winner, and so I had y'all vote unknowingly
... Anyways, here is the final part!

I was feeling triumphant. Okay, I shouldn’t have been: my team was outrageously outnumbered, and I’d just lost two very fine warriors due to a stupid mistake by yours truly; but hey, that response was so clever I just had to wait a moment and mentally pat myself on the back. That’s when it hit me, another ordinary snowball. “Come on!” I yelled in frustration, no longer feeling in my groove and wiping the small bits of frost from my face. Dragon was laughing again.

“Sorry Greenie,” she said, “but I told you that you can’t just stand around.”

Turning away I once again reloaded my small blaster. What was I to do? I was now the caboose, and had all the ego knocked out of me. My confidence was at a new low, which seeing as how my usual confidence is already surprisingly low, this meant that this new low was really low. “I think we should surrender guys!” It was the only thing I knew to say.

“You’re kidding right?” Fireblade asked, worry edging every line of his expression.

“Nope, I’m done with this.” To show my seriousness in the matter I threw my snow blaster to my right and didn’t even look to watch it fall over the bridge and join my falling friends. Fireblade just stared at me, his head cocked and braincells humming. Finally, he shouted. “I call for a mutiny! Who here is with me?” Before I could even think of protesting I heard my fellow companions shout their approval, and within minutes I found myself tied up, and strapped to the front of the train.

“He—lp!” I was shouting frantically, not only an object of scorn, but a favorite target of the Red Team, especially Bishop, who seemed delighted to finally hit his mark without fail. Things couldn’t be worse in my opinion.

“Should have stayed behind with the Snaping Turtle,” ReverendSuitor called from wherever he was.

“That would have been kind cowardly, just saying,” bricksandbones mumbled. “Not really defending the guy but, I mean, he did kinda start the war.”

“I thought that was WizardBuilds?” Marcel questioned.

“Uh, no, wait actually?”

“I started the war!” Justy said forcefully.

“No, you just stole the train.” Cakery retorted, rolling his eyes, or at least I think he was. I’ve never actually seen what his eyes look like, but that’s beside the point.

“Argh!” KoA suddenly shouted so loudly I was convinced someone had brought a monkey on board and bit its tail. If I could have move, I would have been able to watch him fly off his spinning seat, having received a direct hit from LegoMaster’s large gun. He flew through the air, waving his arms wildly, and then disappeared out of the sight of everyone currently in a position to view his demise.

“Welp,” Slim said with a shrug, “so much for that kid.”

“What happened I asked,” regretting doing so instantly as Bishop filled my mouth with snow.

“Oh they just lost their first dude, KoA, poor chap. He deserved it though, choosing the—” he was suddenly cut short as an iceman from justy struck him in the head. He lost his seating immediately, and fell from the train without another word. It was now down to Amy, Fireblade, LegoMaster, and Slim’s little pet whatever it is. Oh, and the snowbot, which was also Slim’s. A scream however defied my analysis, and I knew Amy had just been taken down.

“I think we need a change of plans,” LegoMaster called out.

“Great idea, what was the plan in the first place?” Fireblade responded, firing his snow frantically at every moving object, including LegoMaster, who flew off his car in an instant. “Oops,” Fireblade said, his eyes wider than a fat man on steroids. “Heh, just a bit of friendly fire… Greenie, do you promise to help me if I release you?”

“Uh…” I calculated my options quickly. Stay and be not only board, but blasted by Bishop, or free and face certain death like a good solider of the Green Train. “I’m in, just reestablish me as leader alright?”

“Nope, you abide by my rules. Only option.”

“Come on,” justy shouted, “he’s the Green guy, let him lead.”

“Nope! That ain’t happening.”

“Fine, I submit to your leadership. Now untie me and give me a weapon.”

“Say the magic word,” Fireblade said with a smirk. Op smirked back.

“I always get the last smirk, remember guys,” he said with a wink from beneath his Christmas hat.” I smirked, and then Scrap smirked, followed by a couplet of smirks from Marcel and Dragon. KoE also smirked, but no one noticed it from under his helmet. “Come on guys, you’re not going to win this.” He smirked again.

“Try us,” justy said, standing tall and proud, but instead of smirking screamed.

“Bam! Great going little fuzzball,” Fireblade said with delight as he watched the blast from Slim’s pet send justy hurling out of sight.

“Fate has it guys, I’m always getting the last smirk.” Op said. I smirked back. “Oh come on people! This is a snowball fight, not a smirk war, now just drop the ball and loose this game.” He smirked again.

“Nope, this is bar far the most fun I’ve had all day,” Jono said after smirking himself. Op sighed.

“United we stand, divided we fall, don’t let your egos get in the way of our mission. Fight!” He smirked, and then tried to redirect his focus towards the battle, but suddenly found himself under the smirk of every other user still standing.

“Giving up yet?” LCB asked.

“Nope,” Op smirked again. It was during this time Fireblade made his move, letting the distraction of the ‘smirk war’ to give him freedom to come over and release me from my miserable state of motionless mayhem, even though I still hadn’t said please.

“Thanks,” I said, sending a smirk in Op’s direction just before diving into LegoMaster’s empty seat and wheeling his large canon to face Bishop, who at the time was distracted by smirking, like most everyone else. “Bam!” I shouted, laying into the controls and sending all the snowballs I could into his body and face. “Hey, this thing is kinda fun! Why didn’t I make a cool gun car?”

“Your fault,” Fireblade said with a shrug. “Perhaps we’d be better off if— no!” With horror on both our faces we watched as one of justy’s Icemen climbed out of Slim’s now empty car, holding the little furry whatever it was by the scruff of its neck.

“Don’t hurt it!” I said. The Iceman didn’t listen, but threw the small creature behind his back and then came straight for me. “No, Fuzzy!” I shouted, emotion racing through my veins, and tears welling up in my eyes. “How could you be so heartless!” I screamed.

“Uh, Greenie, he is heartless, and I don’t think he can hear you. He’s just an Ice giant.” Dragon put in.

“Oh, well, he deserves to die, so eat my snow!” I quickly put an end to the figure, and then turned to face everyone else. The battle continued, with not much success from either side. It appeared as though the Green Team was making its last stand, but that was it, it was only standing; no moving forwards. I fired shot after shot, but it seemed I could never bring anyone down, no matter how many times I hit them, if I didn’t miss them completely. Looking around I hoped to find some kinda of secret switch, maybe a last minute surprise LegoMaster had built in for the end. It wasn’t looking like the end of course, but we needed something to give us a boost. I looked behind the controls, felt under the dash, reached under my seat, and found it. A switch; this had to be it. Taking a deep breath, I looked over to Fireblade and smiled. “I’ve got this,” I mouthed, and then flipped it.

The sharp sound of a horse rung through the air, followed by fast paced orchestra music, I almost jumped out of my skin. “What!” I shouted in surprise and disappointment as Michal W. Smith began to sing Kay Thompson’s version of Jingle Bells. “A sound system? Come on LegoMaster, really?”

“Greenie, turn that down for Christmas sake!” Spinjitzu kid yelled. I thought about flipping the switch, but hesitated, if this was annoying the Red Team… I smirked.

“Come on fellas,” I looked from face to face, sending a snowball hurling at some of them, “get the Christmas spirit going.”

“Well, if you’re going to play that way,” Operator began, “then take this!” Turning a knob on his own dashboard the sound of The McDonald Bros singing Wonderful Christmastime began to whip through the air around us.

“Oh please, turn that off!” Fireblade said, dusting some snow off his shoulder.

“Ah have patience,” I said with a wave of my hand. “I got this, now lets have some All I Want For Christmas is You!/i]!” A few people shuddered and made disparaging comments against me, and the song now playing, but I soon followed their example when Op blasted [i]Santa Baby across the rapidly moving battlefield. “No!” I screamed. “Turn that off, I hate that, no really, not that one! You win Op you win just turn it off!”

“Wait,” Op cut the music, “you mean I win like, I win the snowball fight?” Hope was flashing in his eyes as he spoke.

“Uh, no,” I said bluntly. “You just win the music war.”

“Oh, well, if that’s how it is,” he turned the music back on, and the battle continued. We held fast, but slowly began to fall. For one, my engine was running out of battery; how it had managed to even pull this entire train is still a wonder to me, but it was now showing that it did indeed have its limitations. Also, Slim’s snowbot had met his bane when bricksandbone sent a sticky cinnamon roll into his face, blocking his vision and causing him to stumble off the tracks and into a rock. Beyond that though there was the simple fact that Fireblade and I were grossly outnumbered, and were receiving more fire than we could possibly give.

“The sun is setting,” Cake called while launching a whole parade of missiles in my direction, “you better just quit before it gets dark.”

“Not on your life,” Fireblade shouted wearily.

Dong! A large echoing bell sound suddenly rung through the horizon, shaking trees and sending birds and critters of all kinds fleeing in various directions. Everyone looked up and around, some even hiding inside their cars. The air seemed to grow mysterious, and as the shadows emerged from the coming night we all held our breath. Something was coming, disturbing the battle with silence and darkness. We watched a large full moon rise up from before us, seeming to stare down upon us as if it held the power to curse us, but was too gleeful about the power to actually use it.

“What’s going on?” Marcel said shakily.

“I think Santa is angry with us…” ReverendSuitor whispered.

“Have no fear my fellow warriors!” KoE’s voice suddenly rang out through the disturbingly still and quiet air. “Now is our time to arise, fire away!” With the hurl of a snowball he suddenly plunked me right in the forehead, and that was it. Others, now fed from his energy, began to fire at us mercilessly. Fireblade and I had been caught off guard like everyone else, and sadly hadn’t used this to our advantage. I fell from the train, striking the snowy ground with a thud, almost being buried in the cold powder. Before me I saw Fireblade do the same, shouting defiance to the end. We lay there for a second, snowballs still flying overhead, and then they stooped as a deafening cheer came from the Red Team.

Rising to my feet I shook the snow from myself, helping Fireblade up and staring at the two trains which now left us behind. We’d lost, it was as simple as that, and now had to face the fact just like anything else in the world. Worst of all though was the fact that it had been my fault. The memory of throwing down justy’s Iceman, letting my friends fall to their deaths, it all flashed before my eyes and hit me like a shot from Bishop. It was over.

Meanwhile, now several miles ahead, the Red Team shared victory over hot cocoa and festive music, enjoying a ride through the cold Christmas night. They’ed forgotten about the now unbelievably large moon in their excitement, and didn’t see the small translucent blueish shadow rise before them, lunar light beaming through its form. With a hiss it dove straight towards the train, only being noticed by Operator seconds before it struck the engine head on.

“Yikes!” Op had screamed, dropping his mug of liquefied chocolate into his lap, ruining his pants and burning his legs.

“This isn’t finished!” The figure said, glaring down at the frightened team leader. “Come next Christmas, and the Ghost of NinjaDude will return. Before the clock strikes eleven, I will appear!” And with a sigh he vanished, leaving Operator stunned, shaken, and confused.

That’s it folks, Lord willing this will continue next Christmas!

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24.!

P.S. bricksandbones is going to be posting an interview model with me in the near future, so keep up with his page so you don't miss is
. I'll post the link on a future model when it's out. Anyways, see ya!
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4 months ago
1. #Secondcomment!

3. No fair—we won, fair and rectangular!

4. “Kay Thompson’s Jingle Bells” is the best!
4 months ago
Haha i killed a robot with a cinnamon roll
And yeah the interveiw thing is almost ready, it should be coming soon....
4 months ago
I have question(s) about that Ice man and The Ice People in the bucket
4 months ago
Plus, why am I only included in ONE SINGLE LINE. SMIRK
4 months ago
WELP, I suppose I’m dead now. I definitely would’ve put that switch on. how do you know me so well? good job with the story. Also, Blast it Fireblade.
4 months ago
Oh, that was supposed to be small, I still can’t figure that out. -25 doesn’t work.
4 months ago
I think one thing has to be said..
*blows rasberries at the ghost of Snuffles in anger*
but, this quote too hilarious to put aside...
“ 'What happened I asked,' regretting doing so instantly as Bishop filled my mouth with snow."
what does that even mean?

I just D-SPISE that song. honestly I'm glad I fell into a snowbank instead of hearing that

I don't even know if it was mentioned...
4 months ago

RIP Snuffles...

@bricksandbones Not everyone can say they've done that

@Scrap Ask away, and thanks! Also, sorry if you only got one line... I had soooo many entries I kinda lost track of who was who and how many times I mentioned each :-|

@LegoMaster RIP bro
... and yeah, I don't know how I've managed to write your character so accurately, but glad to hear I did

@justy Well... yeah, um... you got hit just right

Also, it means that as I opened my mouth in speaking Bishop fired directly into it

Also, Jingle Bells is one of those songs that can get under your skin just as much as anything
... maybe, sorta... it depends
4 months ago
That's OK
Question: Why is the Big Ice Man collecting ice people?
4 months ago
Thank you for letting me be in this!
4 months ago
I may have lost a finger or so to frost bite, my internal boiler may have frozen over, but I shall NEVER, NEVER give up.
4 months ago
@Scrap Well, he's not collecting them, he's hurling them at people. In the 2020 Christmas Snowball fight, Justy had his giant along with an army of Icemen, these are his remnants that survived the last battle --unless he is reproducing them-- and as I said, he's throwing them at people, like ammunition that instead of destroying what it hits, stands up and starts fighting everything around it's target.

@Reverend No Problem!


@Fireblade Ouch...
4 months ago
MY GHOST⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️
MY GHOST⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️
I'M DEAD⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️
I'M DEAD⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️
Wait.... I'm a ghost❗I can fly❗I like being a ghost❗
But still......

4 months ago

Well, all be comes clear in regards to that random question.
I love how Op is constantly smirking

Nice model, and great story! Your writing is really stepping up.
4 months ago
@Dragon I know, the question was actually one of the most fun parts about putting this story together, and the results came in really close.
Anyways, thanks! Writing is really becoming big for me at the moment... if finished a rough plot for my entire TUCoW series, am going to start VoidFlame up again... etc etc...
4 months ago
4 months ago
I’ve always liked that odd SlimeBrick character…
4 months ago
@Slim I know, they both were such good characters... RIP guys...
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