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Lucy [HF]
Published 4 months ago
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I was playing around with some irl parts when suddenly I constructed the bottom part of this model and thought it may work for a robot - because I saw that the leg parts had potential for hydrauilc detail and I had a tiny Hero core laying around.
Lucy aka the call center robot in the Hero Factory series and games aka my waifu (yes) never got a figure in the toy series (to my great disappointment). So I present this rendition of my favorite character from HF, not a very canon one, but the way I imagined her. There is no dress because it would look somewhat silly (and limit poseability), instead she has some plating, mostly on torso and legs. The hands are thin as in canon. The leg joint seems fragile, but it is buildable and at least strong enough for display. I also replaced the eyes with a visor, because it looks cooler and building eyes at this scale is, indeed, a problem. I used some layered plates instead of a brick in the neck area to replicate the seamy texture of the original. And a headset is also included, although it is nonsense. The microphone is hanged on a minifigure Hero arm (that`s what we call thematic part usage!)

This is some more progress in continuation of my buildable figures design study, using a load of joints scavenged from savagely hunted Mixels. This has a three-wide body, unlike the former two-wide.

Also some fun trivia - the build process involved a lot of sidetracking. Most pieces had multiple prototypes. There was so much sidetracking that I almost build Breez in process! (This is not in any way a teaser, xd)
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