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Ninja for BlueFlame56
Published 5 months ago
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Hey guys this is my custom Ninja for Blue Flame 56
Name: Raiden Walker
Age: 17
Element: HydroElectricity, Rifts
Weapon: Nun chucks with spear tips, derived from the main weapons of his ancestors.
Bio: He is a descendant of Jay and Nya, in the year 2111 when Technology had excelled so far that Ninjas and their elements were not needed and the elemental master were soon forgotten, hover hidden amongst the civilians there were still elemental masters, who had no idea of their powers, one boy was Raiden, due to an explosion in his city, his powers were jumpstarted and he gained the elements of water and lightning as well as the power to create rifts through space and time.
Raiden then used his powers as well as the intellect he already had to fight crime and also help people in other dimensions and points in time. Legend says that he was also present in many important battles such as the serpentine war and many others.
Fact: The name Raiden means Thunder and Lightning which is usually followed by rain.
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3 months ago
@puppycorncode Please if you post a render you must have a background.
3 months ago
@Blue_Brickster23 I don't know why that render is posted on my build, it isn't even the same thing, hopefully scrubs takes it down.
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