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REDESIGNED Avengers: Endgame Iron Man Collection Hall of Armor Display Case
Published 3 years ago
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This is a edited version of the Hall of Armor from the LEGO Avengers: Endgame set of the same name. I wanted to expand on the design so I decided to make some changes.

The newer design for the Hall of Armor includes an extra row for suits and some minor changes to the rest of the build. For a fun easter egg I added in the "Proof that Tony Stark has a Heart" trophy from the original Iron Man film. I wanted the build to be more like a display case for the suits, and I feel like I succeeded in that regard.

The suits included are Mark I, Mark V "Suitcase", Mark VI, Mark VII, Mark XVII "Heartbreaker", Mark XXXIII "Silver Centurion, Mark XXXVII "Hammerhead", Mark XXXIX "Starboost/Gemini", Mark XLI "Bones", Mark XLII "Extremis" suit, Mark XLIII, Mark XLV, Mark XLVI, Mark XLVII, Mark L, and Iron Man's Quantum Suit. Although Mark XXXVIII, Mark XLIV, and Mark XLVIII have all been made in LEGO as well, they are the "Igor" and two "Hulkbuster" suits respectively and therefore wouldn't fit in a display case.

I believe this is 100% possible to build.

I have a seperate model that is just a redesigned version of the Mark 38 Igor suit. Use the link below to view that.


Please like if you enjoy and comment with any recommendations. Thanks!
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3 years ago
Very nicely done. I think it would make a great RealLife (TM) display case for any figures, not just Iron Man, with a bit of modification to the central base area to suit the range of figures.
Is the new Endgame suit (top row, far left) your design and is it going to be released anytime soon? I didn't see it in the library. Cheers.
3 years ago
@wideload, thanks for the compliment. The suit in the middle row on the far left (I added another row to the top) is Mark 50 from the Avengers: Infinity War set that included Thanos. It is already in the piece library but seperated into all its different pieces (legs, torso, head). The newer version of Iron Man with the golden arms in the Endgame Avengers Headquarters set has not been made into a figure yet on Mecabricks. Hopefully this made sense and answered your question.
3 years ago
Yes, it was the white Endgame suit I was referring to. After you mentioned that set I went and checked the newer sets and it was part if them, as you say. I don't usually follow the set releases so hadn't seen it. I saw someone post an image of it online, recognised it from the trailer, came here to see if anyone had done it and then saw this set. i was hopeful that I'd just missed it but I can wait for it's release.
Thanks for the info.
3 years ago
We also need mighty micros with regular red legs+ maybe the Malibu mansion on top?
2 years ago
I might be able to extend this collection, including the Mark II and the gold variant.
2 years ago
If you can, you absolutely should try to make some other marks, but don't go too crazy, trust me, it becomes a pain in the butt after a while.
2 years ago
@indianajack1studios, the project is too big and it crashes peoples' computers if they open it in editor. Too many minifigs I think. For that reason, I turned off editing.
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