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Sci-fi RPG - Chapter 1: Day One
Published 1 year ago
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Sci-fi RPG

Chapter 1:

Day One

"Engines at maximum capacity, sir," said the helmsman.
Good, everything's going well so far, the Captain thought.
"Re-entering dimension 3," the navigator informed.
Here we go . . .
The Scadi-class Destroyer lurched as it reentered Dimension 3. Sounds of booming explosions rocked the ship, as the gunner took up his controls.
"Fire at will," the Captain ordered. He was doing his best to remain calm, but this was a quite important event. "Dalski, what's our escort's status?" he asked, addressing the tall drone pilot.
"Still in range and currently flanking on the starboard side, Captain."
Good, everything's going to plan, he thought. He had gone over this tactic extensively while out of the 3rd dimension. It seemed to work best in all the scenarios he played through his head. There was just one flaw, and that was if they took out the escort. Thankfully, the cloaking engine he fitted it with should hide it. Still, it only takes one variable in their sensors to tell something's off.
Captain Greenfield's plan was foolproof. Mostly.
"Forsner, how many enemy craft?" he asked the young gunner.
"1 down, and 2 others, Captain," he responded.
"Excellent. Concentrate all fire on the nearest craft," Greenfield ordered. He watched as the enemy craft exploded in space, silent. He grinned.
"Captain, there's another craft entering dimension 3!" the helmsman shouted.
What?! How . . . ? he thought. It was actually a genius move on the enemy's part, as the element of surprise was on their side.
"Captain, it's a Gecko-class!"
"Get the drone behind it, Dalski. We have to take out the engines before it EMPs us," he said, doing his best to remain calm. A Gecko-class would EMP his Scadi, taking out all comms and weapons, forcing a total system reboot, which would lose them precious time. Their only hope of winning was getting to the Gecko before it got to them.
"Hard to port. Unleash a full broadside on the Gecko-class," he ordered.
"Captain, they're firing the EMP," Forsner warned.
"It's not behind them yet! If I stop it, the drone will get caught in the blast, Captain, shielding us from it," Dalski informed.
Good, then they'll have to recharge the EMP, buying us some time, he thought. Losing the drone wouldn't be good, though. Still, the benefits outweighed the consequences.
"Do that, Dalski. We have 20 seconds after they fire to take them out. If they do hit us, we have to do a full system reboot. We'll be dead in space for 47 seconds. We must not get hit, Dalski."
"Roger that, Captain," the drone operator answered.
Greenfield watched as the invisible drone flew between his Scadi and the enemy's Gecko. Suddenly, the ship listed, rotating onto its side. This was extremely disorienting because of the artificial gravity moving with it.
"Why are we tipping, Jeff?" he asked the helmsman.
"I don't know, sir. There's something pushing us."
Wait, they didn't spend all their budget on those Hummingbirds?
"Run some inertial calculations, then," he said, fearing that the enemy must have a cloaked drone of their own.
"There must be a drone with a cloaking engine pushing us!" the frightened helmsman shouted. Of course . . . . Greenfield thought. Just then, Dalski shouted "They've fired! The blast took out the drone, but we're unharmed."
Since the drone was remotely operated, there was no way to manually reboot it. They'd have to do without it. But they had 2 problems, now. An untargetable drone, and an EMP ready to disable them in 16 seconds.
"Fire at the cruiser! Give it a full broadside," he ordered. Then he realized they couldn't, as the enemy drone, by tipping them, had moved the cruiser out of the railguns' firing radius. Man, these guys are really good, Greenfield thought in despair. He had one extra card up his sleeve, though.
"Jeff, activate the cloaking engine," he ordered. The cruiser wouldn't be able to target them for long enough to make a full 180-degree rotation, putting the cruiser in the port weapon's firing radius. Since the drone was directly next to them, it wouldn't take the enemy long to figure out what had happened, but it should buy them enough time. Ha, who surprised who this time? he smirked. He hadn't used it sooner because he knew that with 3 Hummingbirds, it wouldn't take long to triangulate their position.
"Sir, the cloaking engine isn't responding. It must've been damaged by their previous attacks," Jeff informed the Captain.
"That's not possible, they didn't knock down our shields the whole time."
"Captain, the drone's thrusters malfunctioned after the EMP blast, and it collided with our Scadi," Dalski said.
Wow, today has not gone well at all, he thought. Their time was up, and the EMP fired, leaving them at the mercy of the enemy's drone.

"Mission - failed," a robotic female voice said, as the simulator opened. Jason Greenfield looked at his crew and sighed. He felt terrible. Depending on what the instructors thought, they could end up kicked out of the academy.
"It wasn't your fault, Jason," Luna Dalski said. Jason shook his head. "No, she's right, Jason," Benjamin Jeff said. "There's no way any of us could've seen the cloaked drone coming."
"No, but I should've prepared better. I was just sure the cloaking engine was the right thing to spend the rest of the budget on." Each crew-in-training had been granted a "budget" to build their small fleet out of, attempting to prepare for whatever the other team would use.
"The other team just prepared better. No one could've predicted that our disabled drone would've damaged our cruiser," Daniel Forsner said.
"Still, we lost. And nothing will change that."
"Who knows, maybe we impressed the instructors. Results come tomorrow. No need to worry, Jason," Luna said.

The story will be continued tomorrow, in day 2.

(The "Butterfly" is an S-65B, an INE-issued fighter craft.)
(The drone is a Thrush-5 attack drone, manufactured by SRC.)

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1 year ago
Cool! Glad you start to make your own series!
1 year ago
So, who's writing this, are you taking turns?
(I didn't read much of it.)
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