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480th Command Retinue: Contest Entry
Published 1 month ago
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Entry for LegoMstr707_IJ_The_CloneTrooper's contest. Don't judge my half-organized attempts at community participation, regular ship-based programming will resume soon.

Portrayed here is a 'Special Command Retinue Unit' of the 480th Siege Regiment, under the 14th Star Corps. The 480th specialises in entrenchment, defensive actions and fortification assault. CT-8530 'Captain Yen' is a company commander, experienced in leading large infantry assaults under heavy fire. Both him and CT-8653 'Tink' came from the 480th's Grenadier Battalion, up-armoured assault troops equipped with blast shields and automatic scatterguns for close-assault and trench-clearing. CT-8653's nickname is derived from the noise made when shooting at him.

CT-9061 'Nerves' is one of the 480th's larger-than-normal Medical division, entrusted with specialised gear to ensure the survival of both himself and by extension the rest of the unit. CT-8826 'Duster' is a veteran sergeant and weapon specialist, an expert in trench-clearing and armed with a heavy repeating blaster to facilitate that. CT-8904 'Fordsy' is the other weapon specialist, equipped with a rocket launcher and a wide variety of warheads for anti-personnel or tank-killing duties.
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1 month ago
ima make a render
21 models | 2.9k views
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