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(SCP OC) SCP-6069
Published 11 months ago
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The backstory of this is a little underdone, but i was lazy.

SCP-6069 is a Little Girl and a WW2 Age German Soldier.

SCP-6069-1 Lukas Williams
Files from the SCP Foundation made by Dr. [REDACTED] as well as Video Recordings of [REDACTED] suggest this man is German. His name is Lukas Williams. It has been found during tests that the armor he wears is completely fused to his skin, meaning he never takes it off. The weapon he carries around ran out of ammunition long ago. The little girl is actually the Soldier's daughter. He is very aggressive to anyone who approaches the Little Girl with possible ill intent. Procedures state that Testing Personal keep away from the girl to avoid angering the soldier. The soldier also seems to possess super strength, and an over extended lifespan. He is also fluent in several languages, including English, which made it exceptionally easy to communicate with him.

SCP-6069-2 Erika Williams

Erika Williams is the little girl. She seems to look up to the soldier as a father figure, however she is illiterate and can speak limited German and English. Sometimes during observations, Lukas is seen teaching the girl how to read and write. The girl possesses the same extended lifespan as her father, leaving her perpetually 12 Years Old. The Stuffed Teddy Bear she carries around has been found to contain resurrective properties, meaning it can raise the dead. During tests, corpses within a 30 Yard radius of the bear were observed reanimating after up to 24 Hours of being within that distance. Procedures advise that any reanimated corpse be reported by security and Hazardous Material teams and be dealt with by them alone.

Honestly, theres a lot more to them than just this, but as i said before, i was lazy. I might make a follow up to this later on.
I hope it is enjoyed.
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11 months ago
.*The soldier would then grab him by the head and proceeds to tear it straight from its sockets.*
11 months ago
i am interested in the soldier, so i will protect him and the girl. anyone who attacks either of them will suffer the consequences.
11 months ago
I'm dead. kill the clone that shot him. The girl is safe. I promise. It's a joke. Sorry.
11 months ago
Jokes on you, one does not simply shoot the soldier to death.
11 months ago
Found her.
11 months ago
He never actually had her.
11 months ago
Now shut ya dang mouth Bacara, just cause i angered you and insulted your gunsmithing skills dont give you the right to screw with my developed models.
2 months ago
I would be honored if you allowed me to post this on a site for you. it is a SCP wiki. I will give 100% of the credit to you.
1 month ago
how have you got the mg?
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