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60162-1: Jungle Air Drop Helicopter
Published 1 year ago
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missing parts:
60162stk01 Sticker for Set 60162 - (34421/6195299)

bb787c01pb03 Bright Light Orange Cat, Large (Tiger) with White Muzzle and Black Nose and Stripes Pattern
87614 Bright Light Orange Tail 12 x 2 x 5

18904 Dark Green Alligator / Crocodile Body with 10 Lower Teeth
18905pb01 Dark Green Alligator / Crocodile Head Upper Jaw with Yellow Eyes Pattern
18906 Dark Green Alligator / Crocodile Tail with Hole

29112pb01 Lime Venus Flytrap Shell with Red Spikes Pattern

cty815(inv) City Jungle Engineer - White Shirt with Suspenders and Dirt Stains, Dark Blue Legs, Dark Tan Cap with Hole, Goatee
cty814(inv) City Jungle Scientist Female - White Lab Coat with Sunglasses, Dark Blue Legs, Black Tousled Hair
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1319 pieces
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1 year ago
15068pb111 is already in the database winking face
1 year ago
Looks like cty821 is also already in your scene.
1 year ago
parts updated smiling face with open mouth
1 year ago
There seem to be some illegal connections on the landing gear. Some connectors are going through part 72454 and 3710 near the top. Might want to check that.
1 year ago
thank you @ArmoredBricks problem fixed
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