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LM-327 Rocket Launcher
Published 5 years ago
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The LM-327 Rocket Launcher is a sturdy, high power vehicle which can transport large rockets across the surface of any planet. When launched, the rockets can study the atmosphere and terrain of the planet from high in orbit. With its heavy build, this vehicle can tackle any terrain.

I built this model relatively recently, and thought that I should build it in Mecabricks. The greeblage is a little hard to repeat, especially as many parts in use are bent a little bit, this replica is not exact… However, there are no missing parts or decals, so this model is complete!
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5 years ago
Another great model that will end up in the front page!
5 years ago
Thanks Scrubs! I'm glad you liked it! I've been having too much fun with Neo Classic Space...
5 years ago
I'm not a great builder myself, so I'm always amazed by what you come up with. On the contrary of pictures I can actually understand how you build that looking at the 3D model

You made me want to buy Benny's Spaceship now... I saw it on sale...
5 years ago
Fantastic! Is this an official model or your creation?
5 years ago
Zanna, this is one of my own creations which I built and have now made on Mecabricks. It is inspired by the Classic Space set 897 mobile rocket launcher. All the greebly bits are fun to make with real bricks, but a pain to try to recreate in Mecabricks. Good thing there's the Snap tool!
5 years ago
Great! You have very talented: keep building on Mecabricks!
I want to render them all together
5 years ago
Computer is in the middle of rendering this model. I'm about to go and build my most recent NCS creation now! Once done, I will render them all together!
5 years ago
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