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Arashi Kaze - ???
Published 2 years ago
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Name: Arashi Kaze

Age: 673

Species: Kaze (a tribe of wind-using semi-humans)

Abilities: Skyward Strike (a powerful updraft of wind that allows one to soar), Stasis (a power used to freeze things/people in time for a limited time), Dusk Falls (the greatest power of all, to control the sky and everything in it [birds, lightning, etc.}, but leaves its user extremely weak, therefore it is only used in emergencies.)

Weaknesses: Can't swim, gasoline and lighter fluids, can't survive or loses consciousness if close to extreme warmth.

Bio: Born in the year 2339, he lives in a community where females are not bred. He has longed to see one in person, and became very curious about humans as a whole. This led him to a point where he became very introverted, and rather territorial. As no one talked to him much, he dedicated his life to studying the human body, to use it at his fullest. he tested himself with potions, elixirs, brews, anything to enhance his body to the fullest. He, like all all other Kazies, had lesser eyesight than most, but only he was shorter, and less impressive-looking than everyone he knew. Determined to put his mind to use though, he set up a training ground (coming soon), and quarantined himself there, to master the Falcon Longbow and Bomb Arrows, a set of weapons unprecedented to his people, and even though he had poor eyesight, he had mastered his mind just enough to never miss a shot. To this day, he lives in solitude on the snowy island in the sky, waiting for the ultimate master of his mind.

Affiliations: Mellow

Fun Facts: Kazies can fly up to 70 mph. Kaze feathers molt following ahem.. puberty, which are used to make clothes for travelers. In order for the mating process to begin, a Kaze must travel down to the blazing hot earth, and try to survive long enough to meet its potential mate, as a sign of proposal.

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2 years ago
PS. Kazies don't age.
1 year ago
This a a very interesting backstory for your character. A fine addition to the collection
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