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The Stalker
Published 1 week ago
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The Stalker, an assassin robot made by Armor Industries for a anonymous client, who paid handsomely for it. The programing was flawed, however, and after returning from it's first elimination mission, it attacked it's owner instead. Since then it has been hunted for by the special takedown squadron owned by Armor Industries, but they were not good enough for it. After taking down the squadron itself, it soon identified and eliminated all the important people of Armor Industries, even it's creator himself, Julius Carzweck. Soon after, the global company fell apart, and robot production slowed down to a crawl. It's said that any robot, programming, or technological advancing company that dares to made known is soon terminated, and since then, technology had quickly degraded. To keep itself scarce, it wanders in the undercity streets of this apocalyptic world, only emerging to come in to kill.

Credits to my guy BrickBot2.1 for that descript

The Ween of Hallow is neigh, heheh

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7 days ago
Awesome to see you post again CJ!

Love the story and fig!
7 days ago
also ty, yk it's Bb2 who made that descript. And yes I shall be returning for this month, so uh yk
7 days ago
Awesome, it looks great!
I'm glad you liked my story for him!
6 days ago
Awesome job! And great job to BB for that description!
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