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My Stealth Suit! (story included)
Published 11 months ago
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The dark figure raced through the streets of Mos Eisley as he looked at his bounty puck. He was looking for a hooded figure, but he didn't know the face.

Stirrup: Never gonna find this guy by the naked eye.

Stirrup activated his visor and scanned the puck's hologram and proportionalized it. He started running again, scanning everyone to see if they matched the bounty's figure. He couldn't find anyone so he ran to the cantina. When he walked in, thousands of pictures flooded his screen.

Stirrup: AGH! My eyes!

Stirrup tore his helmet off, which promptly overloaded and sparked, now useless. Stirrup groaned

Stirrup: How am I supposed to find him now?!

A rough voice spoke up behind him.

???: You don't have to look any further.

Is the render blurry for you guys? Cuz it is for me.

So, yeah. This is my stealth suit. Did you guys like the story? A little longer than I wanted it to be, and not a whole lot of action. I might make this a story if I finish one I'm on. I'm currently violating my rule of three stories at a time,(Frigus, Zeta, Dishonor, Voltage) but I can cancel Zeta, because I don't really like how it's turning out. But I will 100% keep Voltage, Dishonor, and Frigus. Those two are going good. Wow this is longer than the story bye!

@Forge: Thanks! I may need to make a post about that
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11 months ago
Nice! Also, I can’t wait for the next chapter of Dishonor!
11 months ago
Nice! Also, I can’t wait for the next chapter of Dishonor!
11 months ago
@TZKG: He/she(I'm thinking you're a boy) can't comment.
11 months ago
His/her account isn't verified.
3 months ago
with a lot of helmet parts, like a flash helmet, a batman helmet, a visor, and some other stuff.
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