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The Power of a Dream Chapter V "This was Never Supposed to Happen!"
Published 1 year ago
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The Power of a Dream

Chapter V

Well, you can imagine what happened next. Why they had to pinch Snap I don't know, but they did. Jolly inconsiderate of them. Anyway, it finally convinced LW, Greeny and I that Sir Elabor hadn't told us everything, and that this Clintstone fellow was more dangerous then we'd been led to believe.
One of the Dalefolk told us that Clintstone's band had headed west, across the top of the mountains. Sir Elabor hustled everyone and we set out. Sir Elabor led the chase, his twin blades clacking with each step. It reminded me of the chase through Rohan from The Lord of the Rings.
I wished that this fantasy world had some sort of magic one could use to increase one's endurance. We were all blowing like whales, except Sir Elabor. (Not surprising.) I could hear LW muttering "Keep breathing. Keep breathing."
I couldn't help thinking what a stupid idea this was. We were running over the mountains in the middle of winter! Rocky tors loomed above us, white with snow. It sure wouldn't be fun to be stuck out here at night.
We stopped for a breather in a small glade amid the rocks. Greeny lifted his scabbard away from his leg and touched it gingerly.
"I think I've bruised myself," he said.
Suddenly, without any of us seeing a thing, each member of our party looked up to find a sword at each throat.
"By the Great Library!" Sir Elabor exclaimed, "How could I be so stupid!"
"I don't know Knight," Clintstone said, his white teeth grinning as he strode into the glade. "Tell me what I wish to hear, or you and your friends will find it hard to spew any more poetry."
Sir Elabor pretended to think. "What would that be?"
Clintstone smiled sweetly and savagely at Sir Elabor, "Tell me the way into their," he nodded towards us, "their world."
"What makes you think I know?"
"Don't play dumb, I does not become you," Clintstone replied, "You and Laxius's frequent 'journeys', when no one can discover what had become of you."
Sir Elabor lost his careless attitude and his voice dropped. "That is a secret known only to the Knights. You disgraced yourself, thus you are banned knowledge."
"Listen, young upstart, you are but a child. I am every bit the Knight you are, more so. I deserve to know."
A high, squeaky voice called from the ranks of Clintstone's army.
"Don't tell him a thing Knight! He's got bad plans!"
"Don't worry Snap!" Sir Elabor called back, "I am well aware of his devious intentions."
"Well we're not," LW muttered.
Clintstone smiled again, something which sent shivers down everyone's spine.
"I have little to no use for you Sir Elabor, I only captured you instead of killing you to give you the chance to save your little alien friends."
"Excuse you," I muttered, "I do not drink coffee."
Clintstone continued, "But, I can figure out how to open the portal myself." He raised his sword.
We were all powerless to do a thing, all except Snappy. As Clintstone's sword swooped towards Sir Elabor's chest, he barreled through the villans, slamming into Clintstone, and in a flurry of arms, legs, and yelling, they both plunged off the edge of the mountain.

End of Chapter V

Until next time!


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1 year ago
NICEEE!!! totally worth the wait!!!
(also, the alien/coffee reference was amazing
1 year ago
(love how i "pretended to wink" even tho nobody would be able tell xD)
1 year ago
(I love adding that in wherever I can

Who knows what's going on under that mask . . . ?
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