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"What're you two doing here?"
Published 3 months ago
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Robin: Seriously Cold! Could you have maybe at least talked a lot less?

Cold Fire: Um. . . I'm not going to sit here bored for two hours!

Robin: We haven't gone two hours driving, they're supposedly a short distance from here!

Robin then soon turns out of the wall they collided into. Then continues the search.

Cold Fire: C’mon, but where could they be?

Robin: I don't know, I'm not interested in talking to you.

Cold Fire and Robin then continue their search for Worriz and Cashew while trying not to talk to each other. The truck is on fire due to hitting the wall. Cold Fire sends blue “Ice flames” from his hands to put the fire out.

Cold Fire: Well, I am not willing to sit a short distance until we can find them!

Robin: Eh. . . Are you a little bit skittish on driving?

Cold Fire: Well, who let you drive? I think you are a terrible driver! Now we’ll never find them. I bet the others are already at Saucey House, waiting for us.

Robin: Hey, I told you to let me focus! I crashed because of you and you're little blabbermouth.

Cold Fire: Well you're kind of a blabbermouth t-

Just then, they hear a noise from around a corner. Worriz and Cashew somehow managed to escape.

Worriz: Cold? Robin? What’re you two doing here?

Robin: We came to save you. We’re putting an end to Negachie.

Worriz: Is that perhaps a lit-

Cashew: Yeah, we totally escaped, with the help of DDG. He sacrificed himself, he’s been taken to the cen- OH MY… WHAT IS THAT THING?!


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3 months ago
Um . . . Please stop this.
3 months ago
This is part 8. The script was already planned before I modified it! And I was chosen to write it! Just stop your stupid third wrath or whatever on mecabricks!
3 months ago
Also, in IRL I sometimes annoy my family with non-stop nerdy talking so this is entirely accurate!
3 months ago
Huh, interesting. Though this was modified from Kirb’s version of part 8. So yeah.
3 months ago
Yeah, I did. And put it to an actually funny use.
2 months ago
Now realizing this was posted two weeks ago, man, we haven’t posted new episodes in a while.
2 months ago
I am working on 9 but it is a big model and I don't have a lot of time.
2 months ago
Cold, I do know you are writing Part 9.

And BB, (No, I'm not calling you GR8,) apology accepted, but I don't think you can write any episodes for the series, nor probably future ones. I'm not in charge of being head writer though. And if you want to write future series. I do think you need to start being more acceptable here.
2 months ago
I was saying that because the response didn't really make any sense.
2 months ago
Wait a sec... did I die?
Dang it, bro. Not again... jk.
2 months ago
@DDG who knows, maybe you did die, maybe you were just captured, there's tons of upcoming stories, we'll find out then.

p.s.: lolololololololol
2 months ago
I... don't know how I feel about that.
2 months ago
but in all seriousness, you'll have to wait to find out what happend
2 months ago
Maybe the fact that I am possibly dead is slightly uncomfortable.
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