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Andrew Lacard's Backstory, Chapter 6: Missile Impossible
Published 7 days ago
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GI: "Man, look at all those planes! The Me 163, the ME 262, some flying V, everything! We could use any one of these----

AL: "We're takin' the bomb"

GI: "I'm sorry, wha----i..is that a.....

AL: "A bomb with a cockpit on it? Heck yeah! I mean, look! they're even nice enough ta put TWO seats on it."

GI: "Yeah, to kill two birds with one stone...."

AL: "Well, TOO BAD, cuz we're ridin' it outta here!

GI: "But all those planes----"

Random German: "STOPPE SIE!!!!"

AL: "We're usin' the flyin' bomb. Done. Now get in!"

GI: "Alright....can I write to my wife first? Need to tell her I'm not going to be home for dinner...."

AL: "Hey, man...listen...I understan'. Ya wanna see her again?"

GI: "Yeah..."


GI: Gah, FINE. Can't believe I'm doing this....Wait. Have you ever FLOWN anything before"

AL: "Yeah..."

GI: "Oh, thank God"

AL: "...Made a paper plane when I was a kid"

GI: ".......

...i'm gonna die......."

AL: And we flew off. Fun, right? We rode a freaking MISSILE!!! Ya like THAT, Tom Cruise!?!? HA!!! Anyhow, gettin' outta there wasn't too bad, 'xcept for gettin' shot at when y'er literally sittin' in a warhead, but the real hard part was gettin' OUT of the missile itself......

Next Part: coming soon.....
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7 days ago
Wow! Not what expected.
7 days ago
"...Made a paper plane when I was a kid"
Music begins playing

"He gon' die"
"He gon' die"
7 days ago
YES!!! My two favorite planes of all time (R.I.P. War Wings) both included here. And I love how accurate they probably were to the Germans who had to ride this thing. I mean, who makes a freaking flying bomb to ri...

Oh yeah...

Koreans. XD

But anyways, this is my favorite chapter so far, and bro, I absolutely freaking love those strings you used for the speed effect.
6 days ago
Thx everyone

@Rubrickscube what do you mean Koreans? I know the Japanese made this same exact kind of suicide missile though....and actually used it in numbers.....

btw one of those two planes you mentioned will be featured in the next chapter
6 days ago
Nice work! Like MrBrick said, not what I expected.
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