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1 Year, and The Soul of Doubt
Published 1 year ago
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Okay, so I originally wanted to write a short story with this… but… oh well. I might as well just give a speech… So yeah! I’ve been on here 1 whole year now… is that exciting? Or are y’all just in shock that you’ve managed to survive with someone like me for this long… O_o… either way, I’ve done it… I haven’t died even though I’ve been on multiple trips, learned to drive, and ate pizza. I’m actually durable to some degree… in shock… eh? Whatever
. The point is I’ve made it, I guess… and now can be called an official user right? Maybe? Probably not… but oh well…

Special thanks to PyrokeneticNinjaMaster for being cool… and FlameWielder for changing his name 80 times…
.. and Snappy for singing… and Dragon_Rider for not slamming the door in my face… and Guitarman2 for tuning his guitar far away from my room, and Operator for having bad grammar, and Chuck for stabbing me, and Hammerborne for stepping my newest creation that took 12 hours to make, and KoE for rolling down a rocky hill while singing baby shark, and Lax for swimming in a pond, and MrBrick for growing a mustache, and Ninjacatz for reviving me, and LW for making me laugh when I was too hungry to cry, and Marina for whatever she did after breakfast last week, and Lego_Lover for tripping me at the bottom of the pool. If that don’t sum it up… just tell me… but I’m tired… *yawns*… and need to get on school…


#SouldHaveBeenMore serious…

~Gabe, and if you read that, don’t say it in the comments
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1 year ago
Good speech, (although I haven’t been around long enough to get the inside jokes) and nicely detailed scene!
1 year ago
Wait, wouldn't I be singing Baby Shark? I am the Nats fan

Nah, bro, huge congrats!
I do love swimming!
1 year ago
@WIzard Thank you! Actually, most of those weren't inside jokes... they were just random stuff
I'm kinda known for doing that... O_o
1 year ago

ah yes, I remember stabbing you...
1 year ago
Greenie, I'm going to ignore that comment on my grammar, and pretend it's Opposite Day for that sentence.

Wow, I can't believe it! You've come so far, and have been such a good friend. I'm so glad you've stayed!
1 year ago
Oh, boy. I have a feeling I’m gonna get a lot of notifs from commenting on this!

Nice render, by the way @Lax.
1 year ago
Thanks for the mention
1 year ago
Congrats dude!

Also, you're welcome, for growing a mustache, I guess
1 year ago
Happy one year! Here's to many more!
1 year ago

Congrats man!
And sweet looking model.

You're a wonderful part of this community.
1 year ago
Welp. I guess its my turn to make a render? XD but congrats greenie!
1 year ago
ITS A TRansparent background!!!!!!
1 year ago
None of the renders have transparent backgrounds. . .
1 year ago
? are you like happy cause you don't have to say all the rules?
1 year ago
oh hoh hoh hoh nvm i didn't see the comment before yours
1 year ago
*Plays epic parkour music*
1 year ago
Wow! Congrats on being on here for a year! I remember when you were the first one to comment on one of my models back in May! That doesn't feel like a year ago, but I guess it has been!
1 year ago
@Lax Ah that is true... and thank you!

@Chuck Gracias! Oh, and yes.. I'd remember stabbing myself as well... wait... then I'd be dead... but then Catz would just revive me again, so yes, I would remember

@Yes! It's OPposite day, get it, OP(posite) heh heh heh... okay, yeah, that wasn't really good O_o... Anyways, thanks! *scrolls back down to see what I was thanking you for*. Oh, yes
Thank you, you've been a good friend as well, hOPefully it stays that way

@Slim Thanks Mr. Bro!

@Justy I have a slight recollection of that
, I don't think I was actually there, but saw people talking about it later.

Thank you!!!! #BeNinja #BeCat

@Rubrickcube Thank you!!!

@MrBrick Thank a lot, and yes, I love seeing you with a mus--

*coughing from back of the room*

Random dude: Aha! I have returned form vacation!

Me: Do you have to make this comment any longer than it has to be?

Random dude: Yes, because I have to rebuke you for something.

Me: Get it over with...

InnerChristmasElf: And remember to be nice, because I don't want to have to tell Santa that--

InnerWritingWorm: Why can't you just write him?

ICE: Pardon?

IWW: You know, just write him a letter instead of having to walk all that--

Random dude: Guys, just shut up and let me finish rebuking Greenie.

IWW: Never

Random dude: Do you want me to take a giant stick covered in blue peanut butter and comb your hair with it while sining NinjaTuna again?

IWW: Yeah that was fun!!!

Random dude: O_O

Me: Go ahead, spit it out... just forget about IWW, he's almost hopeless.

IWW: Was that an insult?

Me: If you want it to be.

Random dude: GUYS!! Just please, cut it out... I need to rebuke you Greenie because you can't see MrBrick's mustache, even if he had one!

IWW: I don't think that was gramatically corrrect.

Random dude: And I think you spelled that wrong! The point it, MrBrick has a ninja mask, you can see the lower half of his face.

Me: Point made, yet not accepted, no please, argue somewhere else.

@Sebachie Thank you so much!

@Snappy Thank you! And thank you! And-- are you sure you didn't mean that I'm a horrible part of this community...?

@Whoever is next in line... ah yes... @Tron Thank you XD

@@RC really, I was?
I don't remember being the first, but the owner of the model usually does

*coughing from the side of the room*

InnerBookWorm: That sentence was kinda confusing...

Me: What's with the coughing from the side of the room?

IBW: I don't know, I felt like I needed an intro...

Me: Well, I think the question everyone is wondering is... which side of the room were you coughing from?

-- -- --

1 year ago
The model's awesome, but you’re awesomer! Congratulations on one year, and here’s to many more to come!
In case it's removed, here it is again:
I did compose it artistically, and I believe it complies with the rules and regulations...
1 year ago
@G_V Thank you

@Jaze Thank so much bro
means a lot

@Pyro Thank you man! It looks beautiful, gives it that dark feel I was going for
1 year ago
Genial, thanks for liking my project, I'm from Peru
1 year ago
Great jumping gumdrops. I feel terrible for forgetting about this.
Happy 1 Year Greeny, old fella!
(You're most welcome, that door was heavy)
1 year ago
@D_R Don't feel bad
I never read your 1 year anaversyery post either... mostly because my computer blocked it off at the time O_o... and because I didn't know you very well... and just forget about how bad that spelling of anniversary is

Also sorry it had to be so heavy
Still surprised no one has seen the hidden text
11 months ago
wow, that took a while to fix that render, but befunky is too good not to use,
11 months ago
YESSSS!!!! IT STAYED!!! my renders are good enough to stay up, yyeeeee
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