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Getting chased by Cops and my team
Published 1 year ago
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Reece: Our victory has proved us famous and heroic!

Nelson: We hope we save the world more often in the future!

Reece: Let’s watch the news!

News Reporter: Welcome to the news! Reece! The leader of the good guys who saved the world isn’t who you really think! Chuck and his team which are Reece’s enemies were innocent and they only wanted the brick back so Reece is a villain! Even worse! He is a Oni!

Reece: It can’t be!

Nelson: You lied! You traitor!

LegoCommanderBacuara: You killer!

TheRealChonkey: You idiot!

Reece: Oh no! I will have to run!

Cop 1: Searching for Reece threat!

Reece: Oh no!

Everyone except Reece: Chuck is the real hero! Chuck is the real hero!

Reece: I must have to escape with my new brick!

Brick: Flight Mode! On!

Cop 2: Here he is!

Reece: I have powers! *destroys a cop’s helicopter*

Cop 3: *wilhelm scream*

Reece: So long! Suckers!

LegoCommanderBacuara: I want my mummy!

Reece: I must activate self destruct to stop everyone!

Brick: Self Destruct in 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! Self Destruct!

Reece: *wilhelm scream*

Cop 1: Look at what we got!

Everyone except for Reece: Yes!

Cop 2: We must find a way to make Chuck take over Reece’s body!

*A few moments later in the Death Bay*

Cop 3: You’re now in the death bay!

Reece: Am I going to die?!

Cop 1: No! We are going to make Chuck have your body!

*A few moments later*

Chuck: I’m back! I have Reece’s body!

Everyone: Chuck is back!

The end.

Credit to Artfully for Nelson’s head.
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1 year ago
well, i would perfer my brick and old body but i can fix that!

and about time the citizens realised
1 year ago
Thank you dude- But why transfer your body to Chuck's??
I remember getting my brick back from Lego_Tron a few minutes ago. all I had to do was threaten him with literally every single gun in the entirety of Mecabricks attatched to eachother with a cannon on top and a large comical bomb.
1 year ago
Its true but if he doesn't do what I say he will fall through a black hole with the knives of no return.
1 year ago
um, i invented the knives of no return, and about time TNB!
1 year ago
but chuck didnt need to take over your body
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