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Chapter 5
Published 1 year ago
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KnightofElabor sighed as he sat in the cockpit of the cramped shuttle. It was cheap, but with a price. Limited space now produced multiple complaints from everyone, mostly Jay and Random dude, who had figured out early on that they didn’t care for each other’s company.

“Literally man—”

“It’s dude,” Rd interrupted.

“I don’t care,” Jay continued, waiving his hands dramatically but smacking Tristan in the face while doing so. “All I need is for you to move over just a little bit, just one little bit.”

“Nope, ain’t happening.”

“Oh why is it like this!”

“Jay, just dry up,” Kai said, trying to fan himself from the overdose of body heat that was filling the small vessel.

“Guys please,” KoE pleaded. “We are about to take off, and I’d like this to be at least a half way pleasant four plus hour flight.”

“Four plus!” J2 exclaimed in shock, along with a few mumbling opposes from the others.

“Yeah, I know, but is the world worth saving or is it not?”

“Could be easier,” Jay whispered, but went ignored.

KoE flipped a switch, pulled a lever, and a strong hum filled the room. He pushed another button, and the thing began to vibrate, and only increase in doing so.

“Please tell me that isn’t going to last,” Kai questioned in horror.

“Sorry man, but this is no smooth ride.”

“Awe you’re kidding.”

“Nope, now hold on when this things finishes heating up there will be a strong jolt, and then we will be up in the air.”

“Heats up!” Kai exclaimed. “And how long does that take? Or maybe I should be asking, does it effect the already warm environment?”

“Um, well…” KoE remained silent.

“Now you’re really kidding me, well, why wait. It’s a good thing I’m the master of fire, stand clear everyone!” Kai held his hand next to the exposed part of the internal engine, and ignited his flame before KoE could protest.

“Ouch!” Jay screamed as the thing suddenly lurched forward uncontrollably, sending elbows into faces, faces into stomachs, and stomachs into feet.

“Kai why did you,” KoE didn’t finish the rest of what he was going to say once he took control of his ship again.

“How old is this thing?” Tristan asked while rubbing his face.

“I don’t know, I’m only renting it.”

“Renting it!” Jay screened. “How do you know you can trust the guy your renting this piece of junk from!”

“Well, I just have to hope he’s—”


“Guys please, I’m trying my best, but sometimes the best doesn’t meet the expectations. I know you’re all heroes at heart, and let’s focus on that.”

The room fell silent, and remained that way until they had passed through the atmosphere, and were gazing into the starry space beyond. KoE looked down at the control panel, and readied himself to hit the hyperspace launch button.

“You guys ready?” He asked with a hidden smile.

“No,” Random dude said while examining his hand.

“Too bad, cause here we go!” He pushed the button, and the thing started to shake like crazy.

“And I already had a headache,” Jay complained, but never finished speaking the rest of his thought as the piece of junk lurched forward again, and with more baffled collisions.

“You’ll thank me when this is all over, I hope!” KoE screened as the thing spun in circles through the massive onslaught of spinning light rays.

“My equilibrium is all out of wack!” J2 yelled back and he clutched his stomach.

“And I have no idea what that means!” Jay shouted. “Where is a stabilizer when you need one!”

“Having a stabilizer would cost us two-hundred more credits.”

“Was it not worth it!”

“Not at the time!”

“I should have stayed home!”

The flight continued like this, and would do so for a good while. Headaches would increase, along with stumbles, lacerated throats, and fully honest remarks of regret. However, one of them stayed positive, because he had a plan, one he was certain of accomplishing.

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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1 year ago
Nice! I love how you added Kai and Jay xD
1 year ago
I know, they're just random characters that add a good bit of humor to the story
1 year ago
@Ninjacatz Thank you!

1 year ago
Bro i love this!!!
Can't wait to see where this goes!!!
1 year ago
@KoE it will go very far... very far
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