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Tarrant Tabor - worst bomber ever?
Published 4 months ago
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The Tarrant Tabor - a permanent scar in the development of bomber aircraft. A huge triplane capable of lifting 4000lbs of bombs. Even then, the design was beyond its designer's capabilities. Towering higher than a four-story building with 6 450hp Napier Lion engines in a push-pull configurations sending the Tabor soaring through the skies, capable of bombing Berlin. Only it couldn't. And didn't. On the 26 May 1919, it was tested at Farnborough. There were concerns that the tail would be two heavy for takeoff. The leader of the project, Walter Barling, ordered 1000lb og lead ballast be put in the nose! Taxiing was achieved with the lower engines only, satisfying the crew, who started to take off. The aircraft was in a state where the tail was off the ground, but not the wheels, when the upper engines were applied. The tail swung 73 feet into the air, pulled by the engines and the nose crumpled into the ground. The co-pilot and pilot were severely injured, both dying of injuries soon after, unfortunately. The project was closed down, but Barling left and made another absurd aircraft, the XNBL-1 'Barling Bomber'.


Sidenote: I do not know exactly what its colour scheme was, but have made it in green.
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4 months ago
How happy am I that this is is 100 years ago and that aviation was still still in its infancy. And how happy am I that this whole thing never left the ground entirely.
Imagine they used this nightmare for civil transport!
About that color scheme, you designed it pretty accurate, but the french tricolore is painted on the rear wing.
4 months ago
Thank you!
I was trying to make the vertical tail thingies (And I call myself an aviation expert when I don't even know what they are!!!) look pretty thin, and bricks wouldn't make the cut, so I had to use the wall elements, which don't have that printing.

That was my fastest ever response!
Thank you for the veiw.
4 months ago
You could make a custom part for the vertical tail thingies. You just gotta look it up.
Hint: Pick a video by "Rubrickscube". He knows pretty much everything about Mecabricks.
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