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1 Year...
Published 2 months ago
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So… where to start. Well, I suppose one year ago today was the start. No friends, no views, and probably not a lot of models. After Lax left, I find myself sitting down and wondering how far you go before the ground falls underneath you. Which one will go first, you or your IRL life? So, I’ve been thinking about everyone who helped me get to where I am now.

I’d say the first thing is I am so grateful to both Ducky and LM who have helped me throughout mecabricks. I’m also grateful to CRM and AABuilds who have given me constant support, whether or not my answers of thanks were redundant. I also want to thank Wiz who I have grown to respect not only for his builds but his attitude and humor. I also want to thank AmyOak for helping me render my Mygeeto MOC. I have met so many people throughout this year. I have come to know so many people.

I’m going dark starting today. No more posting until further notice, although I will comment from time to time. See you around mecabricks.
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2 months ago
Congratulations! Your models/customs are always top-notch, and it’s a pleasure to have met you!
(My face, though…
2 months ago
You are a talented minifig maker and lego builder, good sir.
It's a pleasure to be thanked by you!
2 months ago
I love my classy and scholarly sig-fig.
2 months ago
Wiz: 1. Sorry didn't answer earlier. I had baseball practice yesterday. 2. Thanks! I was thinking of redesigning it. But I just kept messing up

DuckDuckGuz: Thank you very much!
. Your very welcome for the figure (it took me an hour to find that model)
2 months ago
Oh, well, you know we’ll all miss you. Thank you for including me in your model. I agree with what you said in the first paragraph, it’s very true. I at least hope you choose to stay for at least a little longer. It’s been a blast ‘hanging out’ with you. “We fought the good fight.” That’s another one of my friends going . . . Who knows who’ll be next.
2 months ago
happy first year in mecabrick
, thank you for being a good person and for being my first collaborator in one of my first models.
In May I will be one year in mecabricks and I think that is the only thing I have to say, also thanks for the minifigure you put representing me.
Happy first year here and let it be one more and with nothing more to say I say goodbye
2 months ago
Thank you very much! I love that you used my nickname CP (Crazy Person
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