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TG: A MecaBricks Story Character Introduction: ApocalypticBrick
Published 1 month ago
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Here's AB (ApocalypticBrick) in my new movie, TG: A MecaBricks Story! If YOU want to be in the movie, I'd suggest you go and MAKE ONE!!

Anyways, hoped you enjoyed, and have a great day! D

-TG StudiosTM, who's now just realized he'd stolen CJ's line-
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1 month ago
Nice! That render looks incredible! I'm gonna go make one now!
1 month ago
Thanks! Can't wait to see yours! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
1 month ago
You look great AB! Just did one of myself!
1 month ago
That render hurts my eyes, the contrast is to high. try not to put as many effects on your renders
1 month ago
also sense you are making a film, you should do some tests before you think you can do this. As it is very hard, and also rendering takes forever. Also I bet you dont even know how to use blender, so you need to learn alot before you can even create a film. I cant even create one yet. I hope you understand
1 month ago
oof, sorry. I can take it down if ya want. (sorry AB)
1 month ago
nah I was saying that it hurts my eyes as an expression.
1 month ago
Also also, true. (I just need the rigs and everything else before I get started)
1 month ago
still tho, just getting the rigs doesnt mean you can make it. Also btw I made my own rigs
1 month ago
and I also made the face rig, and alot more
3 weeks ago
Nah, nah. I like it TG, but only add like 1 text next time. But I still like it... Please keep it!
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