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Crank & Piston Animation Proof of Concept
Published 3 months ago
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Here we have an animation of a crank, rod and 2 pistons. This was a proof of concept for a larger project. I've been through a lot of learning and experimentation on this project. First I had to learn how to plot the circumference of a circle (for where the crankpin meets the crank circle based on the length of the crank) and then I had to learn all about piston and crank geometry so that I could accurate animate the rod and also the distance to the piston pin. This animation is not perfect but it shows what is possible with a little effort.

The animation node engine performed flawlessly despite the complexity and now I have the theory my next iteration will not require any complex equations - it could all be done visually once you know the tricks! More about this in the full model coming soon!


Plotting the circumference of a circle given the radius:
Piston/Crank geometry:
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3 months ago
I tried something similar a few weeks ago: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/1XjdVgd4a8b
It should be a bit easier now with the look-at node since you only have to animate the oscillation movement of the piston head and then have the connecting rod look at it.
3 months ago
@saabfan - in theory yes but I can't get the "look at" node to work in that way!
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