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What if Kai was the Green Ninja
Published 5 months ago
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This is a Moc for The Ninjago Edge of Time Project. For more Information Check out https://www.mecabricks.com/de/models/eDvVe09ejBR

In this Timeline there was a "little" Paradox. In this Time line Kai became the green ninja and used his Powers to brutaly murder Lord Garmadon. After this masakar he breaks up with the rest of the team and goes on a hunt to wipe out all the vilans in ninjago. The Ninja manage to fix the timeline. This results in him fading away back to the future style. Last minut the wisp arives to save and recrute him, with the Promis of a world without evil with this text: "Hello Kai. Life just sucks some times. one day you are the most powerfull ninja in all the land and in the next moment you are nothing. Its a pitty that you have never been alble to unlock the true power of the first spinjitzu master. Just think of all the things you could acheave. But i can help you. I can save you, I can show you teache you the Power of creation. Together we can make a better more peacefull world where no one has to sufer. And evryone will love and prase us as we sit in our tempel on mountaine top and think its good. Do we have a deal?"
Corupted by the Power and hatred he actualy takes the deal.
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