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My Character for Starvel!
Published 2 years ago
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Name: Washington Knightfall
Age: 16
Appearance: Curly dark brown hair that he dyed grey. Brown eyes.
Bio: Doesn't have any friends. Never knew his dad. A month ago , he was going thru some of his dad's stuff when he found a shield and armor made out of a mysterious, light-weight, metal.
Strengths: Good at problem solving, Strong morals, Good eyesight
Weaknesses: Bottles up a lot of emotion, Doesn't trust easily, Prefers to do things alone
Likes: movies, reading, Harry Potter, building things
Dislikes: large crowds, snakes, sports
Side: Torn between fighting for good, or just not getting involved
Extra Info: Washington is still testing the limits of the metal, but he's pretty sure it's AT LEAST bulletproof

THE AMAZING CUSTOM PRINT WAS MADE BY B1Trash!!! GO CHECK HIM OUT https://www.mecabricks.com/en/user/B1Trash

Note: There's an un-posed fig on the left and Washington in civilian clothes on the right.

Hope you like it!!!

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2 years ago
I love the beskar armor! I was going to do that...PS I see no credit for the custom print...jkjk Great job!
2 years ago
@Lax, Thx for reminding me!
I totally forgot about that
2 years ago
I was just saying that as a joke because I've seen so many models with things other people made that don't credit the original creator.
2 years ago
Captain Murica?
2 years ago
@Lax, Yeah I try not to be one of those people

@BGuzy, Ummm, no. . . (Tho slightly inspired by
2 years ago
He kinda looks like Snappy....
2 years ago
Great creativity! Poor Washington has had a rough life... here's to hoping things pick up for him!
2 years ago
Awesome! Nice backstory info (I seriously don’t know what to call it)!
2 years ago
Hey, Moon_Light, could I still use beskar armor even though KoE used it?
2 years ago
It's not the same print, but it's similar.
2 years ago
@Gman2, Thx! Yeah, I think it's the hair

@B1Trash, Thanks! Guess it'll be up to Moon. . .

@Moon, Backstory info works
Glad you like him!
2 years ago
Great work.

Looks like a mix between me and @Zee-O-Pea.

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