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T-37 Spayspigg
Published 11 months ago
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It looks like nothing else - or perhaps it looks like the combination of a submarine, a podracer, a starfighter, a ferry and some weird red burger - but here it is: my large spaceship project. Hope you like it!

I'm still not super happy with the hull design, but it'll do for this model. This was painful to design, and I hope I don't delude myself into thinking I can do something like this again.

Yes, this was inspired by noblebunny's work. Now that I've credited him, I am immune to criticism in this area.
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11 months ago
You know it's a good model when it lags out the web page!

Projects like this, even with the help of copy/pasted modules, are still a monolithic undertaking, with a lurking danger of burnout and fatigue. Congrats on pushing though and reaching the finish line!

It's neat to see some variation of the Taurus manifested as a final construction. The specific way you've laid out the nacelles and center hull almost make it feel more "brutal" - more like a starfighter or bomber of some sort, as compared to the "space racer" I originally conceived. Some of the specific design touches are also very well placed - things like the black trim around the nacelle connections aren't huge or complex, but they add a lot to the overall quality and cohesion of the design. Great work!
11 months ago
I'm pressed for time and not proficient enough with Blender yet to give this a proper set of effect shots - but I can still slap out a quick set of conventional presentation angles. Nyoom! Direct front angle has some fun focal distorting to give it a bit of punch.
11 months ago
You know you've made it when Noble renders your model. Thanks so much! The renders are fantastic!
11 months ago
This is amazing, Inter.
Could actually make the home page pic...
11 months ago
And yeah, this looks like it was a pain in the butt to design, at least at times.
Probably worth it though.
11 months ago



I just can't get over how awesome this model looks!!
And Amazing renders from noblebunny!! Your models have SOOOO much detail!!


Theory is InterBrick, and noblebunny the same person??

-Mind blown-
11 months ago
@Snap: that would be cool. I'm rendering a properly-sized image in the true spirit of hopefulness.

@Mr_worriz: I'm like a cheap knock-off brand of noblebunny.
11 months ago
InterBrick, Aka MajesticRabbit
10 months ago
This isn't even LEGO anymore
10 months ago
Just a lot of design process I guess.
10 months ago
This model was featured for a few seconds in Brickvault's newest Top 10 MOCs!
6 months ago
Hey! Your model looks soooo nice! May I use it in my next Lego Stop-Motion 3D-animation movie? - I promise to credit you and add a link to the original model to the YouTube video's description
6 months ago
Sure! I look forward to seeing it!
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