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Suppressor-class Cruiser
Published 3 years ago
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As the Galactic Civil War unfolded, the Confederacy of Independent Systems found itself in engulfed in its own civil war. With Dooku, Grevious and the Council dead, and the Mustafar Broadcast sending shockwaves through its members, the Confederacy found itself leaderless and seconds from outright collapse.

Enter the Confederate Parliament.

Long used as a dumping-ground for idealists, moderates, and overtly corrupt individuals, the Parliament until now had been effectively a rubber stamp, little more than a fig-leaf of legitimate democracy with little to no real power. The Mustafar Broadcast and the chaos that followed changed that forever.

long marginalized, despite their factual majority, the Idealist factions within the Parliament banded together, and took control of the flailing Confederacy. Overdue reforms were implemented, corrupt officials found themselves before parliamentary tribunals, and the bulk of the Droid Army's commanders fell in line with the vitalized Parliament.

Not all commanders were so forthcoming, however, for the most corrupt- or those infamous for atrocity- knew there would be no dawn for them. The reborn Confederacy knew they needed a ship that could hit hard, strike fast, and quickly disable Droid-run warships in short order.

The Suppressor fit that need perfectly.

Armed with a heavily forward-mounted array of firepower designed to rapidly destroy shields and a powerful Ion Cannon, the ships paired firepower, hyperspace speed (mounting a class 1.5 Hyperdrive that made the vessel faster than all of its contemporaries) and real-space maneuverability and acceleration into a package that would see use even to this day.

Its full armament consisted of six heavy Dual Turbolaser Turrets, and equal number of capital Proton Torpedo tubes making the ship's primary battery. It also mounted four advanced long-range Turbolasers in limited-arc casements, and four fixed Heavy Turbolasers equipped with multiple blast chambers allowing them to fire extremely rapidly. Finally, the ship also mounted a pair of medium Dual Turbolsaer turrets that could be configured to fire antifighter flack bursts.

Despite its seemingly poor anti-fighter armament, the ship's sheer speed and weapons battery design meant it often operated more as a massive Starfighter than a traditional capitol ship, despite being of a similar size to the Imperial Vendetta class and New Republic Guardian class cruisers it often contended with.

Once its own civil war was mostly over, the Confederacy was mostly a nonentity in the Galactic Civil War for several decades, mostly simply retaining their existent territory and engaging in commerce raiding to hinder military operations near their borders; save occasional attacks of opportunity.

This seeming lull was a result of the Confederacy, having one-upped even the New Republic and issued a Declaration of Universal Emancipation- which, it must be noted, was practically unprecedented in that it included Droids who could pass a series of specific exams- rapidly found itself embroiled in a war with the Hutts and numerous pirate, mercenary and outlaw groups across the Outer Rim, a war which largely consumed their attention for several decades.
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3 years ago
That story is very confusing but i'm interested nonetheless

Ship looks awesome though
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