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I may be gone, but I will always be with you.
Published 8 months ago
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So, a couple months ago, after my dad and i watched Star Wars episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, we were talking about how we were both dissapointed that ONLY two of the Skywalker family members appeared (not going to mention who due to spoilers) we both agreed that they should have added all the members, not just the two.
So i had this idea, where i would turn into a Force Ghost when i died. So here's a MOC of this sort of thing. Somehow i died (still not sure how, but I did) and turned into a force ghost. You may be wondering why half my body is still there, and that's to imply that i was wearing a full set of Beskar Armour when i died. (When you become one with the force, you leave your belongings and clothes behind, and become transparent (as Force Ghost Mando behind Sira
(credit: Wynter_Studios02)
Project update: Jedi Temple MOC
So i changed it, im going to have Me and Sira explore it AFTER it was wrecked from Order 66 (which killed all the Jedi except Obi-Wan, Yoda and Quinlan Vos) going well so far.
Thanks everyone! Please be sure to view all my other models, as some of my models have not been viewed, like the Boeing Factory.
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8 months ago
Caleb Dume survived Order 66, Anakin did(as a Sith)
8 months ago
Oh yeah, that's right. I forgot he changed his name
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