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Shock Jet
Published 1 month ago
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Hey guys! This is my latest model. I call it, well, yeah... you probably red the title O_o... anyways, a huge shout out to Cakery for helping me with the cockpit design. In honor of that pastry like user, I made the pilot similar to his astronaut figure... just... a little different

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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1 month ago
KoE, how could you???

Awesome jet, Greenie!
1 month ago
Epicness itself! Great work, Greeny!

(It was pumpkin soup, what did you expect me to do? Must you drag up embarissing memories?)
I spelled that wrong, but whatever.
a few things,
1. Yay! finally some new models!
2. Pastry... I like that
3. a bit odd that KoE doesn't like chikin, especially because "Originally Rotisserie Chicken appeared in France during the Medieval period."
4. yeah, even I would jump into PUMPKIN soup.
1 month ago
@Lax I know... it's such a shame
... also, thank you!

@Dragon Thank you D_R!!!
(Yes, I know... but, still... really, you could have handled the situation differently. Yeah, I know we tried to put this behind us but... I just can't get over the fact! Maybe under different circumstances, but, really D_R?)

@Chuc% Thank you!

(Will you scratch the paint job?)

1: Yeah!!!!

3: I don't think he's a big French guy though...
4: I wouldn't... never... nope... I ain't jump'n in soup *shakes head*
1 month ago
I hope not!

I’m too young to die!
1 month ago
@Greeny, (It was like the Cinnamon Roll all over again. You wanted the last bowl of soup and so did I. )
1 month ago
@Chuck WHAT A RENDER!!!!

@Dragon Technically though, I had my hand on the serving spoon first, however you thought it was perfectly fine to take the pot and pour it into your bowl. What else was I to do but place the spoon between you bowl and the pot in order to rightfully obtain what was mine?
1 month ago

It was super fun to render and edit!
yeah sorry not sorry about the whole cinnamon roll incident. I still have a few snowmen in my freezer, if you want to have another war- ya know what, nevermind. Also, I should probably move them from the freezer now that you know...
1 month ago
@Greeny, First in, first served. Besides, (I can't believe I'm pulling this one out) ladies first! If you'd shared that last bowl, I wouldn't have had to take a header into it.
(You know how long it took to get that out of my hair?)
1 month ago
Uh, If I can interject, I totally didn’t steal one bowl of soup when no-one was looking!
1 month ago
@Dragon Well, yes, you have me there... I generally would let the ladies go first, but seeing as how you had been standing by the pot talking to Operator for a good 15 minutes I didn't think you were planning on getting anymore... I just casually walked over, lifted the spoon, and then it all started... oh, and if you remember... Operator also had to clean out his visor, and then in the end get it replaced. That stain was BAD!

@Chuck, you know, the blame should go entirely on you. Let's think about this logically... first, you served yourself an OVERSIZED bowl of soup, then you sat around talking and folding your napkin until your soup got cold... after that you complained, and then served yourself another massive bowl! In the end it was too much for you to eat, and so you poured it all out. If you had simply served yourself the right amount and taken the time to eat it, there would have been enough for everyone to have seconds.
1 month ago
@Justy Um... well to be honest... I don't think ANYONE liked those snowmen in the first place O_O
1 month ago
Wow, this looks sweet!!

For some reason, while I was moving this model around, my laptop was making . . . some sort of noise.
Didn't sound like it was coming from the speakers either. O_O

What have YOU DONE, @Greenie?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?!
1 month ago
@Snappy Thank you!
Ah, and YES!!! My plan worked! Viewing this model has allowed me to hack into your hard drive...

What did I do...?
1 month ago
@Chuck Okay, but don't let Snap help this time. If you remember... he poured way too much salt in it O_O
1 month ago

Hey Siri, how do I make so-

Siri: I’m sorry, there was an issue, please try again later!

Me: o_0 I guess I will get the cookbook!

Dangnabbit! Who gunked up the pages!?
Snappy, who is standing by the sink with some gum: Uhhhhh...

Me: *sigh* I will just free-hand!
1 month ago
O_O... that is not pumpkin soup...
1 month ago


Sorry, I couldn't resist.
1 month ago
I love puns... anyways, I would agree that this jet is quite electrifying
1 month ago
It Shocked me the first time I saw it, I could see it charging through the sky!
1 month ago
@Greeny, Put simply, Op should've made three times as much as he did. But then Sir Elabor would've had to bring over three cauldrons from Elabor. One was hard enough. And think of all the pumpkins.
1 month ago
@Ship&Chuck Electric puns are shockingly hard to think of...

@Dgards Thanks!

@Dragon True, but, well... *sighs* maybe when thanksgiving rolls around we can all settle the matter, that is, if MrBrick remembers to plant enough pumpkins this year O_o. Last year it was too few... and so KoE had no choice but to bring some back from Elabor. It stank, because he arrived with the cauldron, only to go back and get pumpkins! It delayed EVERYTHING!!!
1 month ago
@Greeny, To be fair, he planted five acres of the stuff. I don't think the Elaborians liked us very much after stealing their pumpkins O_O.
1 month ago
Bah! No one has even taken a SIP of Mickey Mouse soup!
1 month ago
Wait a minute...is this a repost?
1 month ago
@Dragon Oh! Well, that's a lot... but... if you remember only about 7% of anything that MrBrick plants actually survives O_O...

@Chuck I'm afraid to...

@Cake Yeah, I made a mistake and it ended up that hardly anyone saw the first... so I just made a repost
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