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Michelangelo - Creation of Adam
Published 3 years ago
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Creation of Adam painted by Michelangelo in 1512 AD

This Picture has a size of 1014 x 471 (477594 Pixel) and is made out of 150141 Bricks with 76 colors.

This is as large as it get's with my PC. Took about 30 seconds with 5Mbit Upload just to save it (18,75 MB). How it's done can be seen here
If you get some graphic bugs, don't wonder its because the camera is so far away, that the picture is almost out of mecabricks drawing distance.
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65535 pieces
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3 years ago
150k bricks Face with open mouth Face with open mouth Face with open mouth
3 years ago
It is half crashing the workshop (issue with austosave memory) and it is reaching the camera clipping end but otherwise, it is awesome!
3 years ago
It would be a gigantic mosaic: about 8x4m...
3 years ago
Ready for the brick link order?
3 years ago
we need a feature for additional levels of bricks with slope bricks smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
3 years ago
@zanna I think I would be ruined if i just had to buy the brow color bricks smiling face with open mouth
@Scubs: 8,11m x 3,76m Would be a good alternative for a wallpaper

Think my next project is to build a program that can translate a written text into lego bricks, don't know if there is one out there?!?
3 years ago
Nice work but in my opinion the mosaic technique with lego bricks does not honour this kind of painting mainly because of the palette colors used by lego who don't allow to produce an acceptable gradient color.
3 years ago
This is absolutely insane! I love it!!
8 months ago
that is so cool you should add more tags so It will pop up more
8 months ago
What I like here is the mix of different parts. The website is unfortunately down.
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