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Eclipse Across America
Published 2 years ago
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A once in a lifetime experience. Where are you going?
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2 years ago
Not in the totality zone. face with stuck-out tongue I'll get about 70-80% of coverage where I am. And I don't have glasses... I'll have to resort to glancing up quickly or the pinhole method. face with stuck-out tongue
2 years ago
Not too late for last-minute travel...
2 years ago
Really hope to see something in Italy too... grinning face with smiling eyes
2 years ago
face with stuck-out tongue

Good luck zanna!

I'm hoping I don't kill my cameras' image sensors. I did some experimenting and I think I'll be okay with my DSLR. Just need to wear shades to look trough the viewfinder... face with stuck-out tongue
2 years ago
The best thing I saw was the live video on Facebook :joy face with tears of joy
2 years ago
Did you see any little bit of the eclipse in real life zanna?

How was your view JD430w?

I was bad and looked at it (very briefly mind you) directly. You could see it partially covered. Besides that, the pinhole method worked really well. smirking face My DSLR managed to capture it okay, with two darkening filters (one polarized) at 1/8000th of a second. face with stuck-out tongue I might upload one or two to G+ and put a link to them here. smiling face with open mouth
2 years ago
I took a drive to the zone of totality, so my view was epic...
2 years ago
Nice. thumbs up sign I'd really like to be in totality zone in 2024... I have more warning now. face with look of triumph
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