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7695-1: MX-11 Astro Fighter
Published 4 years ago
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No renderings uploaded yet
A cool little kit. Tried out a new outdoor setting for one of the renders.
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4 years ago
This is a render?

No way
4 years ago
The "outside" render is amazing!
4 years ago
Love your recent renders, are you using Scrub's 1.07 template or have you modified it to suit your own needs?
4 years ago
Thanks for the comments!

At the moment I'm using Scrubs 1.07 template with the changes to the colours and transparent materials from 1.08 (I prefer the custom fresnel from 1.07). I've made changes to the pearlescent and metal colours which I think I have right now and will share with Scrubs very soon.

Then added a simple table and a good high dynamic range hdri (like from hdrihaven.com - the free low resolution ones are fine with the depth of field).

Then a little post-processing in Photoshop with ArionFX Tonemapping the only not free thing although I'm sure the Blender compositor can do the same with some set up.
4 years ago
Fresnel from 1.07 is actually physically wrong - mistake from Andrew Price from Blender Guru that I forgot to check
But I guess the main thing is that it suits what you want to do.

I'd be happy to have a look at your material update to maybe add that to the Blender script. It can always be improved!

Anyway, the 3 renders are awesome.
4 years ago
Hmm, maybe I'll do a proper comparison of the Fresnel nodes with my next model then - I only looked at the 1x1 bricks in the templates.
4 years ago
Nice work cynaptic! =)
4 years ago
It looks great with the decorations that you sent me
4 years ago
Wow! This looks great. The renders are beautiful as always.
4 years ago
The renders look awesome! As well as the model.
Could you give a link to some tutorial how to make a realistic background for renders?

Thank you and keep up the great work!
4 years ago
BricksAddiction - mentioned to someone else that I would post something in the forum and setting up my scenes. Expect that soon. I was planning to do it sooner but got caught up experimenting with materials. Hopefully I'll find time this weekend
3 years ago
Really awesome renderings, but why is it official? The missing part list is missing.
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