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Published 8 months ago
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A small starfighter I updated recently. Uses all existing parts.
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8 months ago
I was looking for a small model with just glass and solid materials and the first one I saw was yours. So here is the first model ever rendered with my new advanced script for Blender. Still some stuff to work on but overall I am really impressed by the result knowing that this is the raw shaders. No manual tweaking here.
8 months ago
@Scrubs I am so excited about this advanced script!!!! smiling face with open mouth I've seen your updates on twitter and have been really geeking out over it! Are you planning to implement this into MB soon? If so will I have to pay for it?
8 months ago
That's awesome Scrubs! I've been watching your progress on this, and this is really something to look forward to!
8 months ago
@Scrubs Awesome job on the script!

Is that artificial fingerprints that can be seen on some of the glossy bricks?
8 months ago
There are a bit of everything: noise, light scratches, fingerprints, etc. Not everything is procedural but I hope one day it will be.

I think I will have a first usable version very very soon!
I am putting a lot of effort into this one (Ease of use, custom maps, etc) so I think it will be available for a small fee so that most people could enjoy it while supporting Mecabricks - I still spend way more money for mb than what it brings winking face All further updates will be free for buyers anyway and ultimately I want to make it a proper add-on for Blender. Of course, current lite version of the script will be kept up to date for people not willing to get the advanced script.
8 months ago
Sounds good Scrubs! I'll will keep an eye on the shop now and then smiling face with open mouth
8 months ago
@Scrubs I will be more than willing to pay money for the advanced script!
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