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Colax mining colony
Published 6 months ago
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Where am I from? Colax. Ordinary mining colony. There are dozens of them. Not a perfect place, but it could be worse. Atmosphere is inert, put pressure is normal. So oxygen mask is your best friend there. It’s quite cool place: 10-15C at day, just above zero at night. Rocks, sand and dust everywhere. And iron ore. Goode one. It’s only reason for colony to exist. Ore is quite unique; it’s very reach and doesn’t need much refining. The whole subsector gets iron from here. Plus a bit of extra rare metals. Colax isn’t old colony, everything works perfect. Most of industrial processes are automated. So there are not many workers. It will change in future when machines will start to break. More workers to support equipment, more equipment to support life of workers. You understand. But now it’s fine. Mines are in good condition, metal factory too. Sometimes some issues happen in spaceport, but it is normal. Usually it’s quite there, only a few shuttles arrive per week. But when a large cargo ship appears on orbit, it’s total mess. Such ships can’t land due to their size, so small orbital shuttles are used. Lots of them. But number of landing pads is limited. Spaceport works non-stop for several days to process cargo. And if only somebody mixes up container…
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6 months ago
Whaa! Amazing! Very good job on all the detail, and good story. winking face
6 months ago
Uh, that's huge! Thinking about a term to describe s.th. like minutes per brick...
6 months ago
Okay, for a second I thought that this was minifigure scaled. Nonetheless...this is a fantastic moc!!!
4 weeks ago
Wow! amazing detail even with Micro!, i would challenge you to build this in mini-figure size! though i get if you dont want to ;D, none the less amazing build!
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