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Raptor Droid Starfighter
Published 9 months ago
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While the Confederacy would continue to utilize Vulture droid fighters in vast numbers all throughout the Galactic Civil War, the development of advanced fighters by the other powers, particularly the New Republic, precipitated, and indeed necessitated, the development of an advanced fighter-craft of their own. Much like the Empire, however, their first entry to that arena was derived from their existing craft, specifically the Vulture droid which they utilized in prodigious numbers.

The result of this design program was the formidable Raptor droid; larger, faster, and tougher than its 'little brother,' and armed with a considerable weapons array. Further, they mounted a pair of compact shield generators and a class 3 hyperdrive, making them far more flexible and damage-resistant than any prior droid fighter fielded by the confederacy.

Its weapons were nothing to sneeze at either- six lasers and a pair of heavy blaster cannons were backed by four tubes for starfighter-grade torpedoes and four single-shot medium torpedo launchers, allowing the ships to be capable fighter-bombers much like the Republic X-wing fighter. Further, much like the Vulture it was derived from, the Raptor droid could land and operate as a light walker; in this configuration it utilized both blaster cannons and two of its lasers, and also features stronger shields as it could divert spare power from its other weapons systems and engines to its generators.
While never available in the same enormous numbers as its predecessor, Raptors nonetheless became a critical cornerstone of the Confederacy's starfighter fleet, offering considerable tactical flexibility and formidable firepower.
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