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LEGO® MOC Super Star Destroyer by Thomas Benedikt
Published 3 years ago
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This brilliant MOC by Thomas Benedikt is really a fantastic master piece made of 71K parts and a perfect model for a nice stress test with Blender.

You can find the original project here: www.moc-pages.com/moc.php/376591

But not just the model is impressive. Same is Blender 2.80. There are still some traps killing the performance if you hit the wrong button but overall I am deeply impressed. Because rendering in 16K is usually extreme.

Also dealing with 16K renderings in compositing needs patience. The saved Multilayer OpenEXR alone is over 170 MB. It contains an additinal pass for the glowing emitter parts. The compositing was done in Photoshop after converting the OpenEXR files into PNG. The Photoshop file is 1.3 GB.

But this render took "just" 3 hours 14 minutes 21 seconds on a 16 core Ryzen Threadripper with GTX 1080Ti support. Blender's Cycle is a piece of modern path tracing render technology supporting hybrid rendering. Not an easy task for the development team. As far as I know Cycles is unique actually regarding this feature. And the GTX 1080Ti with 11 GB VRAM did a good job on this.
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3 years ago
This model is crazy huge!
3 years ago
Not a bad idea @24Pokemiles.
3 years ago
I found a method to optimize the scene what gives us now the option to create massive worlds with Mecabricks and Blender. For that SCRUBS needs to optimized the import time. The solution is to use "Make Dupli-Face" on all selected models. This will merge instances to one mesh but keep the master meshes and advanced addon feature. The result is impressive. I can work with the model now in realtime.
3 years ago
@Samino A real build would be around 13-feet long what is around 4m
3 years ago
The more I look at the insane level of detail I ask myself how Thomas Bendedikt managed to design and build this complex LEGO® model without getting lost or mad within the 1,200 ours of epic patience.
3 years ago
You do have a point there.
3 years ago
@Renderbricks How long did it take you to recreate this in Mecabricks?
Also, if possible, is there a way you could render it from the back? I can't turn the model because of my computer speed
It's okay if not.
3 years ago
i have a pretty beafy pc too and i can barely turn it lol
3 years ago
The reddish emission light comes from the original parts. But I did some research and it looks like that the ship in the movie has more a yellow-orange emission.
3 years ago
No big problems on my 4 years old iMac or my windows work laptop. Even with edges (which doubles the number of objects in the scene).
3 years ago
this model is humongous! how long did it take to build?
3 years ago

*faints onto the floor*
3 years ago
This is beyond the hands of man
3 years ago
Don't hesitate to check the link in Renderbricks description.
2 years ago
This is incredible...
1 year ago
This executor class star dreadnaught is the biggest thing I've ever seen! I'm speechless!!!
1 year ago
8 months ago
| A real build would be around 13-feet long what is around 4m |

Dang, and here I was feeling good about my build at 57 inches (1.448 m)....
3 months ago
look at the first rendering now
3 months ago
and the second and third
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