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MB Election Announcement model #4
Published 1 month ago
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Tis that time again, everyone! The time for the 4th bi-monthly (ish) Mecabricks presidential election has come! (I mean, you gotta just wonder what Scrubs thinks of all of this. He probably thinks we're all messed up in the head, or something.) ANYWAYS! Back on track. A7X has been a great president, as far as I'm aware there were no attempts at anarchy. (G-man2 scared everyone outta that last time.) The rules are pretty much the same as last time. Here they are.

#1: If you won a position last time, you cannot run this time.
#2: All submissions must be entered, and PM'd to me by February 1st. Please PM them instead of posting them in the comment section. This is to help with Rule #4.
#3: When voting, send your votes via PM to me. No one else, just me. Do NOT. I repeat, do NOT post them in the comments anymore. Thanks!
#4: The number of candidates that will actually run is limited to 5. The number of submissions, however, is unlimited. The final Candidates will be decided by Me, A7X, and whatever the heck Kyle's username is nowadays. If you have a problem with this, please PM me a suggestion that would make it better in your opinion.
The voting model will be released no later that February 6th.
ALSO! If you are specifically PM'd about something due to the election, then there was a reason that you were PM'd about it and not told publicly. THAT INFORMATION WILL BE CASE-CONFIDENTIAL AND SHOULD NOT BE SHARED. PERIOD.
That's it! Good luck, everyone!
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1 month ago
One question. Am I qualified to run?
1 month ago
Everyone is qualified to run.
1 month ago
EEEE! I'm so excited to see who's next!
1 month ago
This is going to be hard with a giant Sig-Figure

On the other hand, I said that I wouldn't run

SO now I'm stuck
1 month ago
Dear god, sorry for being gone for so long, I've been really busy. Regarding the username...

Wait until next week...
1 month ago
You changed it
So that it was an underscore
1 month ago
Yeah, a little birdy told me that people couldn't access my profile.
1 month ago
I wonder who that could be?
not sure if I should run this time. also, I told you, but I'm sure some other people did too.
1 month ago
I probably won't run, maybe but I'd rather be a supporter
1 month ago
I'd be willing to be a Secretary of the Interior...
1 month ago
Sorry, but there aren't any other roles aside from vice president and president(At least, that's what Ian told me)
1 month ago
Nope, only president and Vice president.
4 weeks ago
Congratulations to A7X for being the president! But! I’m still not running cause I almost started a war with MOCmaster when I lost and barely got any votes!
the president campaign ad submissions have ended! who will be the president! *suspensful music*
the president...
of the United Studs of Mecabricks...
will be...
*commercial break*
eAt At McDoNaLdS!!!!!

Note: I have no power in deciding a president, I'm just reinacting one of those shows like The Great British Bake-Off and LEGO Masters and Making it and Master Chef and etc.
4 weeks ago
The great british baking show was one of my favorite baking competition shows. Do I sound weird saying that out loud?
4 weeks ago
Hello everyone! I want to apologize for my absence the past couple of days, and Kyle's as well. We've been busy IRL, but we promise to be here for the election, and will make our best picks for runners.
4 weeks ago
Yay! Some activity!
4 weeks ago
The Great British Bake Off?!? I love The Great British Bake Off!
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