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Published 2 years ago
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Hello, NINJACATZ. Here is my entry for your story, "THE HAND OF MIDAS."

Name: Rathor (He has no last name)

Side: Good

Age: 25 equivalent elf years (562 human years. One elf year is equal to 22.48 human years)

Species: Elf

Biome: The Grey mountains

Likes: Music, reading, writing, learning new languages, and art.

Dislikes: Fighting (but he is willing to when he needs to), fire, loud noises (That interrupt what he's doing), cooking, heavy armor, and birds.

Favorite food: As an Elf, and as someone living in a time before burgers and pizza were invented, his favorite is fish (the mountains where he lives are full of springs and streams).

Backstory: Born into the royal family of the Grey mountains, he has a good amount of status among his fellow Elves. As a young boy, he was always drawn to reading, writing, art, and literature. He excelled in his studies, and when he was 17 Elf-years, he was promoted to a position in the National library, in organizing and writing books. When King Midas' reign began, his people (The Elves of the Grey mountains) went into hiding, and his (Rathor's) father decided to never assail the King, and has continued to live in hiding. But Rathor feels different, and wants to do something to stop King Midas's evil reign.

Extra info: Rathor has always had an affinity with water. It seems sentient to him, and he can sort of communicate with it. Water is his friend. He has a dagger, given to him by elven-smiths of old, that helps him summon and guide water to do his will. The dagger (Called Aguem (AH-gwem)) does not have the power to control water (as water has its own will), but it can guide it.

Well, I hope this entry is satisfactory! If anything needs to be changed, just let me know.

God bless you all! 011 out.
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2 years ago
Awsome! This is great! And I like that he likes cooking!
2 years ago
Nice of you to include an unposed version.
2 years ago
ZSnapper: Thanks! Yes, I do that now with all of my entries for stuff. I had to unpose peoples posed versions, and I realized how big of a hassle it was.
2 years ago
Kinda busy right now, as far as LEGO is concerned (I’m currently writing a book). And I’m not into stories that include wizards...
2 years ago
Ah, I see. That’s cool that your writing a book!
2 years ago
Thank you, I’m excited!
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