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Me for Time Explorers!
Published 7 months ago
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Hello, Chuck! Here is my entry for your book, Time Explorers.

Name: Exentor Duke (X.D.)

Team: Scientists/Future (He's a scientist from the future.)

Age/Birthdate: Age: 24
Birthdate: February 29th

Likes: Dogs, Pets, Science, Math, and Food.

Dislikes: Tedious work, Repetitive jobs, and Annoying people.

Hobbits Hobbies. XD : Building small models, cooking new recipes, doing play battles with Nerf guns.

Bio: Exentor was born in the year 2173. As a young boy, he always dreamed of becoming one of the astronauts to visit Mars. At age 18, he applied, and got into the program for training Martian astronaut. He was always a top student, and was selected for Mars occupation in 2193. He has been working on Mars ever since, until he got sucked into a wormhole, and got transported to whatever time the story takes place in.

Extra info: His most prized recipe are his avocado chicken wings.

I hope this works, and if you need anything changed, just let me know. Bye for now!

God bless you all! 011 out.
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7 months ago
Cool! And you put hobbits instead of hobbies.
7 months ago
Thats so cool! A Hobbits Hobby would take the form of a 2'd breakfast
7 months ago
BatDog: That was on purpose. Highlight the text next to it.

Prez: Thank you!
7 months ago
@O011... did you highlight my comment
7 months ago
No, but it would be "2nd breakfast" not "Two'd" breakfast. XD
6 months ago
Awesome minifig @O011 ! Oooh I really like the sound of this! Can I apply? (I've never been in a book before so if I can have a run-down that'd be nice!)
6 months ago
tb: Well, there's not much I can really tell you. xD
It's fun to design characters, and really, that's all there is to it!
Here's the link to the story I joined: Time Explorers
99 models | 9.8k views
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