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The Misunderstanding
Published 2 months ago
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Yeah, I’ve been making too many Far From Home renders. But this was a hilarious scene
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2 months ago
Little bit NSFW for a kid-friendly website… °-°
2 months ago
S:FFH takes place after the black widdow movie so I like to belive that this woman is one of the freed widdow agents
2 months ago
That would make sense… But she speaks with a German accent.
2 months ago
Wiz: what do you mean? It wasn’t a bad scene… I mean, what Brad thought it was happening was not good, but the actual scene was fine.
2 months ago
Minty: Wait, you haven’t seen it?! Be sure to watch it on ClearPlay
2 months ago
Astro: I’ve only watched Home Coming..once, I think.
2 months ago
Wowzers! Well, they’re both great movies, and ClearPlay does an awesome job on editing them
2 months ago
The scene was uncomfortable because she, (a grown woman) made him take off his clothes in front of her, while he obviously didn’t want to. If the genders were reversed—well, you see what I mean.
2 months ago
Yes, but it was just meant to be funny. And even if it wasn’t, she was a professional S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and he needed to get his suit on fast. Maybe you saw it differently, and that’s ok, but I didn’t see it as anything bad myself.
And I did watch it through ClearPlay, so maybe it took out something in this scene that I didn’t know about.
2 months ago
Alright, I can agree to disagree.

Also, I realize now that I was overreacting a little—there are worse models out there, and I can tell you didn’t mean any harm by it. And I apologize, if I acted intense or anything.
2 months ago
Ok, I accept your apology

And I won’t “go for your head”!
1 month ago
This would be worse if you saw brown-
1 month ago
oh crap!! literraly
1 month ago
"I mean if you want to hook up with some hot European chick its fine..." - Flash Tompson
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