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Brick Pile
Published 6 months ago
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No renderings uploaded yet
A random assortment of Lego bricks for a material test.
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25 pieces
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6 months ago
Hey! I was going to do that!
Joking aside, nice job once again!
6 months ago
Think of all the possibilities with all of the bricks...... XD!!!
Great job Samino! I like the positions! Very life-like!
6 months ago
@Lego_Lover Yeah, it was a little rough having to translate and rotate each brick i to position.
@CitrineYT Here is the render.
6 months ago
Thank you. I made it using some of my custom Lego shaders and my bendy minifigure asset. (both are available for purchase on the Blender Market).
6 months ago
Here is a render. I did it using Mecabricks. But I worked on trying to get it really crisp!!
6 months ago
You should probably try using Blender, there are a bunch more features to play around with, and there is no limit on the size of your renders either.
6 months ago
I know. It doesn't work on my computer. Because I worked with it for hours. And I didn't get anywhere. But, I am gonna try out 2.8 when it comes out!
6 months ago
Have you tried tutorials? It should work, that is, unless you have a very very old machine. If you can do Mecabricks on a browser, you should be able to use Blender. Beta versions of 2.8 have been out for a while now, and they are very stable. I've officially transferred most of my work to it already.
6 months ago
Ok. I have seen most of the Blender tutorials that Scrubbs made. And a bunch of others.
6 months ago
Alright. Thank you so much. It really means a lot!!!
5 months ago
Nice render @Legozavr!
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