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Me, as a Sith Lord
Published 1 month ago
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I had a very strong connection with the force ever since I was created. My owner knew this. He would exploit my powers to help him rob banks, guess the right lottery numbers, and do all other sorts of snobby things. He also loved to torture me. Sometimes he would electrocute me, damage me on purpose, hack into my system, and other hings you don't want to even think about. He did these things because he knew I was programmed to follow him, so I couldn't do anything about it.
I hated him.
That hate built up inside me. It made me feel stronger.
One time, when he was hacking into me, making do all sorts of crazy things, I felt something. I felt control.
I snapped out of his hacking. He didn't notice. Now I as going to make him pay for what he'd done to me.
I suffocated him with my bare hands.
After that I fled from that place. I was off to find my fortune. I had heard of the Sith lords, and I vowed to become one of them.
And I succeeded.
I killed Darth Maul, and I stole his lightsaber. I also practiced dark things with the force. I decided to travel far away, where no one has been yet. There I built up an army and conquered. I am ruler there now, and as soon as I get an opening, I'm going back to conquer, and rule half the universe.
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1 month ago
Awesome model and Render man!!!!
1 month ago
Here is a Render! I hope you like it!!!
1 month ago
Thank you! And you're welcome!
1 month ago
That's an um... interesting backstory, I like it! smiling face with open mouth
1 month ago
Nice, and great backstory.
1 month ago
Thanks. You can't have a good minifigure without a good story! smiling face with open mouth
Anyways, I hated that Disney returned Darth Maul in Solo, so I got rid of that.
1 month ago
Amazing render AwesomeBrix! I love it.
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