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QBI Boxer
Published 2 years ago
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The Quick Build Industries Boxer is a smaller starship designed to recapture some of the market of the immensely popular Bulldog after its discontinuation.

Unlike the industry-focused Bulldog, the Boxer was designed from the ground up as a personal vehicle. It is much smaller, but its interior is focused on comfort and ease of use. Its smaller size and reduced power compared to the Bulldog also make it more affordable.

While true enthusiasts felt it missed out on some of the original's legendary durability and character, the Boxer proved decently popular with everyday consumers, and helped QBI reach a new audience while it was sold.
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2 years ago
I could tell this build was yours on the main page immediately! Great shape all around, I especially like the nacelle design. Keep up the awesome work!
2 years ago
@guy: Hey, good to see you again! And really? That's cool
My style must be more distinctive than I thought. Thank you! @wyndgekko: Thank you, I had fun with it!
1 year ago
Great ship, lots of great details, landing gear is fantastic, love the engines. Great work!
1 year ago
Great ship, lots of great details, landing gear is fantastic, love the engines. Great work!
1 year ago
@BrickBurger Thank you! I wish I could say the landing gear was anything but an afterthought, but I always forget to include it when I'm building and have to stick it on afterwards
1 year ago
@BrickHoard It looks fantastic regardless. And I didn't even notice those windows on the bottom the first time! Great detail! And speaking of detail, the interior detailing here is fantastic, giving whoever's aboard all the amenities they need.
1 year ago
@brickburger Thank you! I was once told by an art teacher to "rejoice in adding detail". It's what always makes a build come alive!
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