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Batman's D-List Rogue Gallery
Published 5 months ago
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After seeing MOCMaster's model of Batman villains (https://mecabricks.com/en/models/9P2k1bm4von), I soon got the idea to create this as a kind of parody of that one. Now introducing, the glorious D-Listers, aka Batman's lesser known, more ridiculous villains. Although the Lego Batman Movie does have some of them, I tried to not use that many in order to create more custom, never-before-seen figures, and the ones i did use from TLBM are significantly modified in one way or another

Can YOU name them all? (Hint: Contrary to the title, 3 of the people here are not actually Batman villains: One is a Green Lantern villain (i think), another a Flash villain (he has his fair share of ridiculous bad guys as well) and the last one a Teen Titans villain that I remember when I watched the show as a kid). I tried my best to suggest what their kind of motif is through their weapons and such, but the answers are in the editor! (or I can post a comment describing each one with my classic funny commentary if anyone wants).

Hope you enjoy!

P.S. This will probably be the last model I make for a while due to real life stuff. So DONT assume I'm dead!
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5 months ago
Okay. I have no idea who tease peoples iz.
(BTW are you dead?)

(BTW 2: When are you making the next part of your story. I'm a bit mad about there not being anything....)
5 months ago
AHAAAAAHHAAA! Dude dis is awesome. Great Job! :thumbs_up:
5 months ago
still haven't got those darn emojis!
5 months ago
Thanks for the shoutout!

I see, Kiteman, Calendar Man, Condiment king, Black Racer!
And is that Zeus?
5 months ago
Whoa... This is hilarious!
5 months ago
I knew who all of them were except lock-up, sports master, penny plunderer, and signal man. I originally thought that Mad Mod was Manchester Black but I guess not. By the way, Mirror Master isn't really a d-list villain. He is a major flash villain.
5 months ago
OH MY GOSH, for someone who doesn't really care about DC, this is awesome, I love how you have the wind coming off of the swinging Bat thing!
5 months ago
@BrickMaestro, Its : +! : except no spaces in between the ":" So it looks like the
5 months ago
@LCB No, and...you want more? The story is mostly laid out and everything, though like I think I said before, I can't tell it how I want to on here that well, but I'll try...eventually

@BrickMaestro and lego_user Thx

@MOCmaster I did not put black racer; the flash villain is Mirror Master, the person I *think* you saw was Lock-up, a brutal Arkham security guard who went against the law to bring harder law upon criminals. Notice the swat uniform
The Zeus guy is Maxie Zeus, an ordinary guy who is literally so mentally unstable he legitimately thinks he's THE zeus. Except he can't shock people XD

@TheRealChonkey I think the Penny Plunderer is the one thing preventing people from getting them all right XD. I don't know too much on Manchester Black, but he's a hero and I don't think he uses a cane (unfortunately MB doesnt have a jacket with a full-on Union Jack). And yeah, including Mirror Master was a bit of a stretch, but hey, 10/11 aint bad (he also kinda fit the theme, so....)

@P_E Thx, it's supposed to be kind of like a swinging animation of some sort
5 months ago
Oh, that's OKay!
They're all too weird and wacky XD!
5 months ago
Cool model and nice render!
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