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Chapter 2 The Iron Fist
Published 1 week ago
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Hey everyone! This is chapter 2 of "There is No Escape", but I decided to name this chapter, The Iron Fist. Btw I changed the name of CB ('Cause you know it's me) and I named him "Jek"
Anyway, hope y'all enjoy the story below!

The two Jedi and their adept friend headed for the planet Eriable, a prosperous, political planet. It's known by some other factions, yet the Empire has no interest in it at the time.
Once there, they landed on a skyscraper platform. The skyscraper held some of the most enraged political leaders against the Empire.
As they withdrew from their transport, Mon Mothma, a secret leader who is trying to start a rebellion against the Empire, came walking up to greet them. "It's so good to finally meet you three." She said welcoming them; "I've heard so much about you and your help in our effort." "And it's very good to finally meet you as well." Said Jek.
"I'll have a maid show you to your rooms for you to stay in as long as you like" said Mon Mothma, "but for now I have a meeting to attend, and your welcome to join me."
"We'll join you in your meeting if that's alright with you guys." Said Jek looking at his friends. They agreed, and Mon Mothma lead them down a hall to a wide, meeting room. Inside there were some political leaders of different factions and planets. In the center of the room was a big, round table with a hologram of a planet, and Jek new what this meeting was going to be about.
"Who are these young fellows." Asked an older man in the group. "They are the young men that have helped fight on many planets against the Empire" she replied, "and they recently blew up an Imperial factory."
"Oh yes" said the older man, "you told me about the two young Jedi, but not their friend."
"I'm just a dude who follows these guys around, blowing up stuff and what-not." Replied Ben with little interest.
"Well," said Mon Mothma, "let's talk about our next move. The Empire has caused the lives of so many already, even this planet on the hologram is struggling by the Empire's iron fist, we must call for more action."
"I agree with her" said the older man, "yet we still don't have a strong enough army, and their are so many planets struggling, how should we act on this problem?"
"We can't" said Airen, "not yet anyway, but the rebellion is still growing, and we should take back each and every planet one step at a time."
"It's not that easy, young Jedi." Replied the old man. "Which is why we need you three" said Mon Mothma, "and all the other people who have hope, and courage, and strength! Those are the people we need, those... are the people who will help us win."
"Alrighty" said Ben, "what's next?"
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1 week ago
"I'm just a dude who follows these guys around, blowing up stuff and what-not." face with tears of joy I like this guy. face with tears of joy Great story btw, although I kinda liked him better as CB.
1 week ago
Thanks AB! ;-D I just think CB doesn't sound right for a name.
1 week ago
Also, is you second name 14?
1 week ago
You're welcome!
I said '14' because of the sith clone called 'Jek 14'
6 days ago
I had to try a render of this! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes

(I changed the scene a bit for the sake of the render but if you don't like the changes, CommanderBrick, I can take it down.)
6 days ago
Theres already like 2 "Jeks" in the star wars universe already disappointed face
6 days ago
WoW! That's one of the coolest renders I've ever seen! And I don't mind at all that you changed it, honestly it looks 10 times better! XD I love how you made the clouds outside of the window, and I think I can see a planet! Also I really like how you made the hologram bright looking. It's just so cool! It goes perfect with my story! Thanks again for rendering it! winking face
6 days ago
@TheCalcMan: It doesn't really matter, the only Jek from the real movies was Jek Porkins, and he was a short-lived character...

Anyway, I think it's a cool name and my real name starts with a "J".
5 days ago
Thanks! Did you see the render Lego_User did?
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